There are number of ways of finding the clips that you are looking for.

The Navigation Tree

The navigation tree (on the left hand side of the screen) shows the available catalogs ands smart folders in a hierarchical tree:

The Tree is divided into two sections:


Displays the available catalogs (that is the catalogs visible to the currently logged in user) grouped under the production groups that each catalog lives in. Selecting one of the catalogs from the tree will display the clips in that catalog in the main clips list.


Smart Folders are folders whose contents are populated based on the results of a query (see the Advanced Search section below). When you click on a Smart Folder the clip list will be populated with the results of running the associated Query. You can create and modify Smart Folders from the Settings dialog accessible via the Settings tool-bar button.

Simple Search

You can perform a quick search of the database at any time by entering a string into the Quick Search box towards the right of the tool bar and hitting return. This will populate the main clip list with all the clips that match the search string.

The Simple Search feature matches against all common clip fields, such as name and notes, as well as all user defined fields.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature is accessed by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the Quick Search box on the tool-bar. This will display the Advanced Search dialog.


The Advanced Search dialog allows you to be much more specific about the fields that you are searching for, with separate entries for name, notes and user defined fields. It also allows you to search fields that are not searched by Quick Search, such as Media Path.

When you enter values in multiple fields in the Advanced Search then all the fields must match for a clip to be returned.

The Advanced Search dialogs can be customised by the administrator. Please see the Advanced Operation section for details.