P5 Archive – PreSTORE P5

P5 Archive is a product of PreSTORE P5, the professional data management suite from Archiware, which enables you to quickly and easily create and maintain an archive of your valuable media content with minimal administration. P5 runs on Mac/Win/Linux and Solaris and accesses disk and tape storage of all kinds. Combination with the other products P5 Synchronize, P5 Backup and P5 Backup2Go are easy to achieve for a workflow solution.

Archiving on LTO tape is the most economic, durable and professional solution for media data. An additional benefit is the possibility to off-site media for increased security. Automatic cloning of archive tapes helps to achieve that easily. Furthermore an archive pays off and saves money after 1-2 years compared to continually expanding RAID storage. As a consequence combining CatDV with a tape-based archive is a natural choice. All assets and productions can remain searchable, re-usable and be easily restored.

Archiware – QLSArchive CatDV solution

The QLSArchive CatDV-Archiware solution leverages the power of CatDV Media Asset Management and Archiware Archive to provide an intuitive user interface to the complex task of archive and retrieval of digital assets.

Whilst QLSArchive directs media by operator request, CatDV receives tracking metadata detailing the media location at any point in time. Please ensure you have a means of periodic back up of your CatDV Server database and Archiware archive, as the information contained represents your media asset management investment.

The user interface consists of additional CatDV Tools to empower nominated operators with archive related tasks. There is also provision for a policy based archive system. The product aims to be simple in use but incorporates sophisticated routines for validity checking and early reporting to keep the user aware of archive related events.

Whilst the Archivist initiates archive jobs, the CatDV Worker is employed for queuing, processing and Archiware communication. This method permits the use of multiple Archivists without imposing additional load to the client workstations in use.


QLSArchive supports Mac and Windows file paths. Operations are performed at the CatDV asset level, the individual record of a CatDV import. Archiware may be used with a wide variety of storage systems, the design accommodates SAN technologies from volume to file level write access.

The QLSArchive solution comprises several additional programs to a CatDV Enterprise/Workgroup Server deployment.

CatDV Client system requirements are as CatDV Pro/Pegasus10

CatDV Worker recommendations are as CatDV Worker 5 (and Archiware Archive Module if the same machine is used)

  • Server 2008R2/2012, Windows 7/8
  • OS X 10.6 and above
  • Java 1.6
  • At least CatDV Server 6.7, CatDV Pro 10, CatDV Worker 5
  • Archiware 5.1.2 Archive Module
  • Supported Devices – Please refer to Archiware P5 documentation