This function restores an asset from StorNext to its original location on storage.

Clips must have an archived status of ‘On Tape<Tape Number>’ or ’Retrieved From Tape’ before they can be retrieved.

  • An asset or set or assets are selected in CatDV and ‘Retrieve from StorNext’ chosen from the Tools or right click menus.
  • The retrieve request is detected by the CatDV Worker which starts communication with StorNext to restore the file, including any folders required for the media.
  • CatDV receives status updates to reflect the restored status of clips.
  • When complete the status is updated as “Retrieved from Tape”

Note that restores can also be made directly from the StorNext User Interface.

Note it is important not to delete CatDV clip records, see Group and Clip Management, to configure CatDV to prevent accidental clip deletion.