On the Publish tab you can set user defined and other clip fields. These values will be set when publishing a new clip to the server (as a result of importing a file) or when modifying existing clips (as a result of querying).

When setting values you can use standard Worker variables to insert the supported variables into the values that you are setting. For example the value:

Job $j ran at $D

Might expand to

Job Archive ran at 20121231

Setting Multiple Values

CatDV supports many different field types, some of which (such as Multi-Group fields) support multiple values at the same time. These values are stored concatenated together as a single string in the field separated by new-line characters. From the variables list we can see that the Worker uses the sequence $n to represent new-lines.

So – if we have a multi-group pick list defined with values “Value 1”, “Value 2”, “Value 3”, “Value 4” and “Value 5” and we want to set value 2 and 4 then the syntax would be:

Value 2$nValue 4

Other Ways to Update Clip Fields

As well as setting field values from the worker you can also update clip fields:

  • using the command line interface from a shell script
  • importing a media file with an XML sidecar file
  • executing command 2 and parsing the output
  • importing a CatDV XML batch file