If any problems occur with the automatic upgrade (for example, the database server is not running, you are using an unsupported configuration, the upgrade scripts could not be located, or you have forgotten the MySQL root password you set up previously) please correct the problem and relaunch the Control Panel.

Manual database schema upgrade

If necessary, if running under Linux for example, you may need to manually upgrade the database schema. This involves running database scripts, depending on which schema you are currently on. For example, to upgrade from 3.21 to 3.22 you may need to run

mysql -u root -psecret < install/mysql/update_catdv322.sql

Replace secret with the MySQL database password you set at the time of installation. (If you did not set a password then you should omit the –p option.) Please contact for further details.

Manual update of CatDV Server software

For further explanation of the following steps please refer to the instructions for a new installation given elsewhere in this document.

  1. Identify where the workgroup server software is currently installed on your server machine. For example, /usr/local/catdvServer, /Library/CatDVServer, or C:Program FilesCatDV Server. This directory will contain files such as launchServer and java.policy, amongst others, and a lib subdirectory containing various .jar files.
  2. Shut down the CatDV server. If you are using Windows, run the UnInstall.bat script to de-register the existing “CatDV Server” NT service
  3. As administrator, delete or move the server installation directory to a backup location. This step is optional but is recommended in case you need to revert.
  4. Use the regular installation script to install the server in a new location, answering No when it asks whether to create the CatDV database (as it already exists). Do not simply install over the top of an existing installation as the file layout may have changed slightly and old files will remain.
  5. Enter your license registration code (you will need to purchase an upgrade and receive a new license code as the old licenses are no longer valid in this version). Review the other configuration settings in and copy any settings that you need over from the old configuration file.
  6. Relaunch the CatDV Server

Manual upgrade of Web Client

Because the new Web Client web app does not contain user-modifiable files, upgrading the web app is very straightforward:

  1. Shut down the Tomcat web server
  2. Replace the catdv2.war in the Tomcat webapps directory with the one from install/webapp
  3. Restart Tomcat