When you purchase a CatDV license you will receive two separate license codes:

  • one for the CatDV Server software, which you enter in the Licensing tab of the Setup Wizard (you may also have an additional server license for the Web Client software, which is entered on this tab also)
  • one for the CatDV Pro client software, which is normally entered in the Registration tab of Preferences on each client machine

Starting with CatDV 10 and Server 6.7 you can enter the client code on the server instead (in the License Server section of Server Config), in which case the CatDV Pro client software will request a license when it connects to the server. This simplifies configuring the clients (you just need to tell staff the IP address of the server to connect to, and the client application will automatically request a license, and download the latest production group settings), though if you do this it means that you can’t use the client as a standalone application because it doesn’t have its own license.

Please note that using the CatDV Server as a license server does not change the basic license terms. Licenses are not concurrent or “floating” licenses and you still need one license for each machine you use CatDV on – once a client machine has requested a client license it uses up that license for that day and prevents any other machine using the license until the next day.