Starting with version 6.8  CatDV Server includes a built-in web server (based on embedded Tomcat). For new installation the built-in web server is the default option, and it is also recommended for most users.

If you are currently using Tomcat and you wish to switch to the embedded web server then you must follow the steps outlined below:

Important! – if you are upgrading to a new version of CatDV Server always complete the upgrade using you existing settings. So if you were using Tomcat then when you perform the upgrade stick to using Tomcat. Do  not attempt to perform the switch to the internal web server until your new version of CatDV is up and running correctly.

  1. Open the CatDV Server Control Panel
  2. Click on the Setup Wizard button
  3. Choose the Web Server tab
  4. Click on the Built-in Web Server option in the Web Server Panel
  5. Check that the options filled in by the wizard are correct (they should not normally need changing)
  6. Click Apply
  7. You will be reminded that you must uninstall or at least disable Tomcat – otherwise the built-in web server cannot start.
  8. Click OK – the wizard will attempt to stop the currently running instance of Tomcat but you must permanently disable or uninstall it otherwise the next time you restart your server it will start up and that will prevent the built-in web server from starting
  9. You should will be asked to Restart CatDV Server – click Yes
  10. Wait for the server to restart
  11. Close the wizard
  12. You should have 4 green lights

You’re done.