CatDV supports a number of different database servers:

  • A built-in database engine based on H2
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Microsoft’s SQL Server
  • Oracle

When you first install CatDV Server you will be asked to choose which database server technology you want to use. Starting with CatDV Server 6.8 the default choice will be the built-in database engine, but you can choose any of the available options. (If you do choose one of the other options you will need to have already installed it and have it running before you install CatDV Server.)

Migrating to Another Database Server

If at any stage you decide to switch to another database server, to make use of the better scalability of an enterprise database server such as Microsoft SQL Server, you will need to migrate your existing data to the new database server. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your chosen database server is installed and running and, where necessary that the appropriate users, permissions etc. have been created.
  2. Run the CatDV Server Control Panel
  3. Click on the Stop button in the CatDV Server section to shutdown CatDV Server. Wait until it stops
  4. Select Backup Database… from the Tools menu and follow the instructions to create a complete backup of your existing CatDV database.
  5. Click on the Setup Wizard button to open the Setup Wizard
  6. In the Database tab select the desired database server from the Server Type drop down menu.
  7. Confirm that the default information filled out by the wizard (hostname, port, username etc.) is correct and if so hit Apply.
  8. You should see a message in the Status panel to the effect that the database has not been installed yet.
  9. Click on the Install Database button and wait for the install process to complete.
  10. You should now have a green tick in the Database tab header.
  11. You now have a functional but empty CatDV Database.
  12. Close the Setup Wizard
  13. Select Migrate Data from the Tools menu
  14. In the Source Database section of the form that pops up enter the details for the database you were previously using – the one that has all your data in it.
  15. Click on Start Data Migration (If you didn’t complete step 3 above you will be asked to stop CatDV Server at this point)
  16. The process will run and you should see a progress dialog.
  17. Wait for the process to complete
  18. Click on the Start button in the CatDV Server panel and wait for the server to restart

You should now see 4 green lights indicating that server has started correctly.

You’re done!

Switching Database Servers as Part of a CatDV Server Upgrade

If you are upgrading your CatDV Server instance to a new version and you also want to switch to another database you must perform the two actions separately:

  1. First – upgrade your existing CatDV Server installation to the new version
  2. Then – when everything is up and running perform the data migration as described above.

Do not attempt to switch database server while you perform the server upgrade.