User Administration is performed using the User Admin section of the Server Admin Panel available through the Server Menu of the CatDV Client.

User Admin Panel

The User Admin Panel displays a list of the currently defined users.

For each user the list displays their name, notes and the role that they have been assigned. To the right of the list are Add (+), Delete (-) and Edit (pencil) buttons that allow the list to be updated.

Adding Users

Clicking on the Add (+) button brings up the Create User form.


The ‘name’ field defines the user’s username i.e. the name they will use to log in with, rather than their real name.  The ‘notes’ field allows you to enter any relevant information about the user.

Initially the Password will be ‘not set’. You can leave it the password unset and the user will be able to log in without supplying a password, but this is not recommended except for public ‘guest’ type accounts.

The Role drop-down allows you to select the Role that this user will have. This is why it is advisable to create your groups and roles first – otherwise this list will contain only the System Admin role.

Press OK to save the user to the server.