Before performing an upgrade of CatDV Server please be aware that this will overwrite the existing installation, including potentially making non-reversible changes to the database. Therefore it is vitally important that you perform a complete backup of the catdv database and the catdv installation directory – particularly the file, before you embark on an upgrade.

Whether or not a database schema change is needed depends on the version you are upgrading from. Often a minor point release won’t require a change whereas a major version update will. However in either case, before attempting the upgrade you should always shut down the CatDV Server and make a complete backup of the ‘catdv’ database. It is not possible to roll back a schema update other than by deleting the entire database and restoring it from the backup!

Updating the server software involves replacing the files in the server installation directory, especially lib/server.jar but possibly others. Before doing so, you should make a backup copy of the installation directory (typically /usr/local/catdvServer or C:Program FilesSquare BoxCatDV Server), especially of the configuration file as this might get overwritten.

When upgrading it is recommended that MySQL v5.6 or above is used.