Unlike when using search on the desktop client, server-based searched – referred to as remote queries – search across all the catalogs on the server in a single operation.

Querying the remote database

Use Server→ Perform Query (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-F) and enter search criteria to search for matching clips across the entire remote database.

When you run the query a window is displayed containing the query results, combining all the clips that match, even if they are in different catalogs.

You can save the query results to a new local catalog file, print them out, export them as a batch list, or make changes to the clips returned, perhaps adding new logging annotations and then publishing the changes back to the remote database.

When you perform a remote query you use the same enhanced query dialog as when performing local searches, though you have several additional options to return additional clips similar to the ones matched by the query:

For example, if you find a clip whose log notes contain a particular keyword you might also want to return the clips immediately before and after it on the same tape. You can also choose whether to return all the thumbnails associated with a clip or just the poster thumbnail.

Press Find Clips to create a new query results window showing all the matching clips, regardless of which catalog they are in.

Press Find Catalogs to display a list of matching catalogs within the database, including a count of how many clips in each catalog match the query.