With the release of CatDV Server 6.8 comes support for a new RESTful API that allows third party integrators to access data stored within CatDV Server directly through a simple web-based API. (REST, or representational state transfer, is a commonly used software architecture for designing modern web applications.)

This initial release provides the following features:

  • List stored catalogs
  • Query clips within a catalog based on complex search criteria
  • Retrieve details of a clip and its associated source media and metadata
  • Update certain fields of a clip, including certain metadata fields

It is intended that in the future this list will be extended.


Please note that to use the REST API you must have a CatDV Web Client license for the appropriate number of sessions. Each web browser or other client application that connects to the CatDV Server using the REST API counts as one concurrent user of the licence.

You are not permitted to “multiplex” connections in your code so that multiple users all share a single session.

Use of the REST API indicates your agreement of the above condition. In exceptional circumstances, adjustments to this rule may be allowed in which case we will provide written approval to break this rule. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a specific workflow.