CatDV Server 6.8 has the following new features:

  • Embedded Tomcat web server for use by Web Client, Live HTML Publisher, Adobe Premiere Plug-In Panel and by new REST web services API. Having an embedded server greatly simplifies installation as it is no longer necessary to download and install Tomcat separately.
  • Inclusion of sample customisable web applications using the new REST API. These require a Web Client license so you can either use the built-in web application or develop your own custom interface. Note that any license restriction on number of concurrent sessions apply to your web apps also, you are not permitted to “multiplex” connections so that multiple clients can connect at the same time sharing a single web session or connection to the database.
  • Changes to the control panel to support the embedded web server
  • Beta support for an embedded Java database server “H2”. This is a high performance, lightweight database which doesn’t require installation or a separate server but does not provide the administration tools and robustness of MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server.
  • The release notes and installation guide are now available online in web form. Documentation on the Web Client and the older Live HTML Publisher components are now provided separately.