This section describes the steps necessary to install and configure Microsoft SQL Server.

Please note Pegasus Server is needed to use CatDV Server with Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) Server.

Installing SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

SQL Server Express Edition is a free version of Microsoft SQL Server that places a 4Gb limit on total database size. However, installation and
configuration are similar to the Standard or Enterprise editions, so you should be able to follow a similar process.

    1. Download the SQL Server 2008 Express with Management Tools installer. You should make sure that you select the correct 32 bit or 64 bit edition based on on your server and operation system.
    2. Run the installer
    3. If there are any prerequisties missing on your machine the installer may ask you to install those.
    4. At the Installation screen click on New Installation. This will launch the setup wizard.
    5. Accept the license terms and continue.
    6. On the Feature Selection screen ensure all features are selected and accept the default install location. Click next.
    7. In the Instance Configuration select Default Instance and ensure that Instance ID is MSSQLSERVER. Click next.
    8. On the Server Configuration screen access the defaults and continue.
    9. Under Database Confuguration you must choose Mixed Mode authentication. You will then need to choose a password for the admin (sa) user. Other settings should be left at their default.
    10. Accept defaults and continue until the installation starts.
    11. The installation should complete after a few minutes.

Once installation is complete you need to run SQL Server Management Studio to perform the post-install configuration steps.

CatDV Database Creation

In SQL Server Management Studio right click the Databases node of the tree and choose New Database. Enter ‘catdv’ as the database name and click OK. The
database will be created.

CatDV User Account Creation

At run time CatDV Server will require a user account to use to connect to the SQL Server instance. Tradionally this use is called ‘catdv’ – but this is not
fixed. The CatDV Server Control Panel will request the user name and password of this account during post-installation configuration.

In SQL Server Management Studio expand the Security node of the tree and right click the Logins node and choose New Login..

Enter ‘catdv’ into the name field and choose SQL Server Authentication. Choose a password – traditionally this is also ‘catdv’ but you may want to choose
something more secure. You will need to untick Enforce password policy.

Choose ‘catdv’ as the default database.

In the left panel click on User Mapping. Tick ‘catdv’ in the top pane, and then ‘dbowner’ in the bottom pane.

Click OK to create the user.