Media Composer Versions

CatDV Pegasus integration with Avid Media Composer has been validated with Media Composer version 6.5.2 and 7.0.3 on Windows 7 and OSX

Media Formats Supported

Pegasus supports automatic relinking of the following media in Media Composer: Avid MXF, P2, ProRes, XDCAM and XDCAM EX.

CatDV pegasus 10.0.9 includes support for additional Avid codecs DNX 115, DNX36, DNX 120.

Sending AAF from CatDV to Avid

  • Non MXF media such as Pro Res and H264 will need to be manually relinked within Avid using the Clip Relink Function.
  • All media must have a valid timecode track
  • Multi Coloured Markers are not supported – replaced with Red Marker in Avid
  • Sequences and clips must be the same frame rate as the current Avid Project to relink.
  • Importing subclip to Avid – Avid creates additional .master.01 clips. These can be used to relink the media to subclips and then deleted from Avid.
  • AMA linked RED footage is not supported and needs to be transcoded
  • Stills (jpeg) are not supported via AMA but if transcoded previously will relink

Sending AAF from Avid to CatDV

  • Subclips exported from Avid must not contain mark in and mark out points as Avid  (6.5.2) does not export these correctly.
  • XDCAM clips comes into CatDV as clips rather than Metaclips.
  • Audio metadata missing for .mov files such as ProRes
  • Multi coloured markers not supported all colours replaced with white markers in CatDV
  • Sequence support is limited to CatDV sequence functions i.e no support for video and audio transitions – replaced by cuts. Minimal support for fx tracks including subtitles, captions, video FX from Avid.
  • All clips must have a valid timecode track
  • On AAF creation Avid creates .Exported.01 clips for each clip and sequence. These can be deleted within Avid once the AAF has been saved.
  • In the AAF export options within Avid, deselect the ‘Use Marks’ option. This will maintain all markers for each clip being imported into CatDV.

P2 Spanned clips

  • When exporting P2 master clips from Avid the in and out points marked do not appear within CatDV. Only markers will appear.
  • When exporting P2 subclips into CatDV the duration is incorrect
  • If you create a subclip within CatDV with P2 spanned clips which contains more than one span it will force Avid to quit on import.
  • If a sequence is made up of P2 spanned clips, when importing into CatDV these spanned clips will appear offline within the sequence.
  • Dragging the Avid Media Files bin into CatDV can result in incorrect duration of P2 spanned clip.  Export the clip from Avid to correct this.