CatDV Pegasus supports working with AMA linked media files within Avid Media Composer.

Clips and sequences to Avid from CatDV are automatically relinked if the media is already linked via AMA within Avid. In order for Avid to relink the media, the media would need to have been previously linked via AMA and open in an avid bin prior to the AAF import from CatDV.

Up to 100 Metadata Fields can be exchanged between CatDV and Avid. These CatDV fields can be selected from the Avid bin heading menu and displayed in the Avid bin as an Avid Column. Newly created Avid Columns can also be exported back to CatDV.

A typical workflow would be to copy the camera Card containing the rushes onto your shared storage and into CatDV. Log and prepare the footage then export an AAF to Avid Media Composer.

The original footage is AMA linked in Avid. Drag the AAF tool icon into a new open bin within Avid. If Avid can see the original media the CatDV clips will automatically relink.


P2 and  XDCam AMA media relinks automatically. Manual relink is required for ProRes AMA media. Manual relink is done by choosing the relink command from the Avid Clip Menu

The CatDV bin clips can now be used as normal Avid AMA linked footage.