CatDV 12 with Final Cut Pro X 10.3 A great combination !

We are really excited by the new creative possibilities opened up by Final Cut Pro x 10.3 and the new Macbook Pro line. In this video we are going to take a look at some new integration points between CatDV and Final Cut Pro.

CatDV has always had great interoperability with Final Cut. Direct access to Final Cut Pro 7 projects from an asset management tool was an industry first for CatDV and was revolutionary. We also beat apple to metadata exchange between Final Cut 7 and 10 projects. With Final Cut Pro 10 we have for some time been able to send CatDV assets, master clips, sub-clips, sequences, markers and metadata into Final Cut libraries.

Now with CatDV 12 and Final Cut 10.3 we can send content from CatDV right into a final cut pro event, streamlining content creation.

Even better we can share key words from CatDV into Final Cut, helping creative folks stay organized right inside their edit platform.

Our integration also supports the very latest version of Final Cut xml, for accurate and powerful data interchange.

The capabilities showcased in this video are unique. No other asset management tool can do this stuff. We love the direction that Apple are taking with Final Cut Pro and with CatDV12 these two tools together are a fantastic combination.

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