The CatDV Final Cut Server Migration Tool is intended to help you migrate your assets from Final Cut Server to CatDV. It reads asset metadata from the Final Cut Server database and creates one of more CatDV catalogs that reference the same assets.

Note that the migration tool does not move or copy the actual media assets. Instead it builds new CatDV catalogs that reference the existing assets wherever they currently reside – including assets that are stored in Final Cut Server contentbase devices.

The only exception to this is that the tool can optionally copy proxies (low resolution versions of high resolution originals) to a new location to make them available to CatDV. This is discussed in more detail later.

Before you Start – Final Cut Server 1.5 and Later

This tool extracts metadata directly from the PostgreSQL database used by Final Cut Server. If you are running Final Cut Server 1.5 or later then you must run the following command using the Terminal Window to enable access to the database:

sudo ./

This script only enables JDBC access to PostgreSQL from programs running on the local machine. It does not make the database publically visible.

When you run the command you will be prompted for your password to give the script permission to update PostgreSQL’s configuration file. The script will attempt to restart Final Cut Server to force it to re-read the updated configuration. If this step fails you will need to restart your computer.