This chapter describes installation of the optional Live HTML Publisher component. The Live HTML Publisher is a web application that provides access to clips in a CatDV workgroup server database from a web browser rather than via the CatDV client application.

Note that the newer CatDV Web Client also uses the Tomcat web server, so the instructions for setting up Tomcat and installing the Web Client are very similar to those for setting up Tomcat for Live HTML Publiser. One difference is that the CatDV Server Control Panel will automatically install the web app file for use by the Web Client, whereas for Live HTML Publisher you have to install the catdv.war web app file by hand.

Before You Start


The HTML Publisher requires the following components:

  • MySQL database software (or Oracle 10g Database)
  • A CatDV database installed by the CatDV Server
  • Java 1.3.1 or later (Java 1.5 required if using Tomcat 5.5)
  • Apache Tomcat servlet engine (or Oracle OC4X)


Instructions are given below on how to install HTML Publisher with both Oracle OC4J and Apache Tomcat. The steps are similar in both cases, namely move the catdv.war file into the web apps directory then restart the application server. This will expand the web archive, creating a catdv web app folder containing JSP pages and static resources, with a WEB-INF subfolder that contains the web.xml configuration file and the class or jar files needed by the web application.

After the initial installation you can edit the web.xml file or JSP pages as required to configure and customize the web application. If you have a CatDV server source license you can recompile the servlets and tag library and replace the catdvservlets.jar file. To see the effect of a change you may need to restart the web application server whenever you change the web.xml configuration file or any of the other resources.

After installing the CatDV web app and  configuring with the database URL you can view the HTML Publisher welcome screen by opening the appropriate URL in your web browser, eg. http://localhost:8080/catdv/. Check that you can navigate to all the pages linked from this home page.

To test the HTML Publisher you will need to store some clips in the remote database. Use the CatDV Pro client to import a directory containing media files and then use Publish Window to publish this to the server. You will be prompted for a catalog name. In your web browser, follow the Browse Database link and ensure the catalog name you entered previously is listed there.

The HTML Publisher provides a read only interface to the metadata stored in the CatDV database. To enter or maintain this data you need to use the CatDV Pro client application and the workgroup server.

Overview of the installation process

If you have not already done so, please first ensure that you have successfully installed and tested the CatDV Workgroup Server software. The steps to deploy the Live HTML Publisher are then quite straightforward:

  1. Download and install Apache Tomcat (or use another Java servlet container, such Oracle OC4X)
  2. Copy the file catdv.war from this archive to the Tomcat or OC4X webapps directory
  3. Restart the web application server
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080/catdv/ to view the Live HTML Publisher pages (or other port as may be configured for the web application server)

Once you have installer the catdv webapp, see chapter 8 for further details on using and customizing the Live HTML Publisher.