CatDV Server already maintains an audit log that records many important user interactions, such as when a user logs on or off, when a catalog is updated etc. However Pegasus extends that by logging additional actions and details:

  • Records the values of individual fields that have been changed when clips are created or updated.
  • Records deletion events on individual clips when the containing catalog is deleted and records addition information such as media path of the deleted clips.
  • Records when a clip has been viewed (in the web interface).
  • Records when a clip has been played (in the web interface).
  • Records searches that have been performed.

Also audit log records are now linked to the individual clips that were affected by the action, which allows a detailed audit history to be retrieved for individual clips.

This additional information is of particular value when creating business reports.

Setting up Extended Logging

To enable extended logging you must have a valid Pegasus Server licence. You also need to enable the feature by entering the following text into the ‘Other’ field in the Server Config screen in the CatDV Server Control Panel:

catdv.extendedLogging = true

You will then need to shut down CatDV Server.

Viewing the Audit Log

The Audit Log can now be viewed in the CatDV Web Admin UI in the Monitoring section.