Q :Date Field not updating with dates before 1970

A: Currently the built in date fields within CatDV do not support  dates prior to 01/01/1970. This is due to CatDV using the Linux timestamp which counts up from this date.

The current workaround is to create a new user field and selecting Plain Text as the Type. This will allow you to input any date as a text string.

If you do decide to use a “text” formatted field, then it helps if you’re aware of how CatDV stores dates in a user field. It stores it in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD, eg. 1965-12-31. If you type values in like that for now they will magically appear in the correct format (as configured in CatDV’s preferences)

If you store your dates in this format  (YYYY-MM-DD ) Then when our date field is able accept pre 1970 date entries you can paste the text date field into the actual date field.