Most commands such as exporting clips, playing media or editing clips require you to select the clips you want to work on first. You select clips in a catalog by clicking on them in the main window. Hold down the shift or command/control keys to select a range of clips. You can also use Cmd/Ctrl-A to select all the clips in the window, or use the Find command.

Copy and pasting clips

You can easily move selected clips between catalogs to help you better manage your catalogs:

  • Use Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear and Duplicate from the Edit menu to delete, move or copy selected clips (together with their thumbnails) between catalogs.
  • You can delete selected clips by pressing the Delete or Backspace key.
  • You can also drag and drop clips from one window to another

Note that if you want to copy or paste or delete text within a text field you need to click and select within the text field then use Control-C/X/V (or Command-C/X/V on the Mac) from the keyboard, not from the menu.

Marking clips

Use the Mark check box to mark clips of interest or to save the state of a selection:

  • Unlike selections within a window (which are temporary), marks are saved in the catalog.
  • Use the Mark submenu to mark selected clips, toggle the mark for selected clips, and so on.
  • Use the Select submenu to select marked clips, invert a selection, and so on.

You can also mark clips as “good” or “no good” (or as “maybe” if you are undecided) using the Good field:

  • From the main window you can use commands in the Mark submenu to mark selected clips as good or not.
  • When a clip is playing in the media dialog there are keyboard shortcuts you can use to mark it as good or not.
  • Use Select reviewed to select just those clips that are “good” or have otherwise been “reviewed”, i.e. a selection (in2/out2) has been made within the clip.

Hiding clips

Clips may be flagged as being hidden so they don’t normally appear in a catalog window. These clips are still part of the catalog, however, and are saved and loaded normally.

Hidden clips can be made visible temporarily by using the Show Hidden menu command (under the View menu).

You can change whether selected clips are hidden or not by using the Hide Selected or Unhide Selected menu commands, or by checking or unchecking the “Hidden” checkbox in the clip details.

When you import a movie with automatic scene detection selected, a master clip representing the movie file as a whole is created, as well as separate clips for each scene detected within that movie. In most cases you are likely to be interested in the scenes on a tape, rather than the capture files, so the clips representing the movie file are initially marked as hidden. You can also manually hide master clips after creating subclips from them.