The online help documentation is arranged in separate pages or topics. It is designed to be suitable both for reference or to be read from beginning to end.
Use the CatDV Help menu command to access online help:

  • The Topics button displays a table of contents, listing all the topics.
  • Click on the Next link to read all the topics in order.
  • Click on a blue link to display more information about a related topic. (Links which are underlined will launch in an external web browser.)
  • Use the back and forward buttons < and > to go back (or forward) through the history of pages you have visited after following a link.
  • Type in keywords to the search box to highlight that text on the current page, then press Enter to search the online help and display a list of matching pages

The online help text is also available as a standalone Reference Guide which you can view or print out with your web browser.

Other sources of help and documentation

The old CatDV Pro 3.0 User Manual is a separate PDF document including screen shots and additional background material that you can download. Although it hasn’t been updated for many years, if you’re new to CatDV you might want to quickly browse the PDF user manual as an introduction to basic features.
You should also refer to the Support FAQ on the CatDV web site if you encounter any difficulties as this contains lots of useful tips and explanations.
There are some brief overview tutorials available here, and there is a Creative COW user forum available also.