You can export up to 17 metadata fields from CatDV into Avid.

Selecting fields to export to Avid

These fields are selected using the field mappings selector.

In Preferences/Field Definitions select FCP Mappings and press the Edit button.


Here you can select the columns you wish to send to Avid on the right under CatDV Field.

Click on a field on the right and a drop down menu will appear containing all the available fields from CatDV that can be sent across to Avid


The columns on the left are not editable and are preset names, by selecting a column on the left , for example Log Notes it is possible to ‘patch or map’ the column ‘Shot Description’ .

You can select up to 17 columns that will be exported with the AAF file and sent to Avid. These values are stored in the preferences file so do not need to be mapped each time.

Revealing the Column Headings in Avid

When you import an AAF into Avid  the bin populates with the clips but the bin columns do not automatically appear, you need to manually select them from the bin headings menu within Avid.

Select the Bin Menu Icon at the bottom left of the bin and select choose columns.

The additional CatDv columns are located at the bottom of this menu


The columns in blue are selected press OK and the new columns will appear in the bin view. We recommend you save a CatDV view as one of your bin view templates.

Now that the columns have been added to this view there is no need to keep selecting them from the column menu.