After the Archive Additions have been installed correctly, a new set of menu options becomes available in the Tools menu:


These functions (apart from ADA Archive Statistics) are also available through the context menu when a clip or clips are right clicked.

The Archive Additions work on one or more assets (clips) chosen as a result of a search or from browsing CatDV catalogs. The archive functions operate on CatDV master clips (ie physical files on storage). It does not operate for CatDV metaclips (MXF structures etc).  For example:

  • A number of assets are highlighted in the CatDV clip list.
  • The archivist chooses Tools – Archive / Backup / Retrieve from the CatDV menu
  • The Archive Additions run validity checks on the selection and reports what actions can be taken
  • The archivist confirms what should be done (or cancels operation)
  • The archive process is kicked off and completes
  • Status information is stored in the system

If media to be archived is off-line, or there are other issues performing and archive operation, the archivist is informed and can take the appropriate action.


Note it is important not to delete CatDV clip records, see Group and Clip Management, to configure CatDV to prevent accidental clip deletion.

The following pages step through the key functions of the Archive Additions …