Worker Node 6.0

CatDV’s automation engine “Worker Node” can create a customised workflows and automate the processing of your files.

The Worker Node is highly configurable. You can use it in many different ways depending on your requirements, for example:

  • enforce project best practice, perhaps placing still images in one folder, video in another, and rendering audio if it’s the wrong sample rate
  • use it to create proxies in the background without tying up the CatDV user interface
  • as a gateway to manage your shared storage without exposing full write to all the users of the system (by providing a public drop box for users to submit files to the system and then have the Worker Node move the files to their correct place in the library)
  • transcoding files and FTPing them to a playout server once clips are marked as “Approved”
  • Sending content for review and approval or to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Integration with third party transcode tools
  • move files to a long term storage location when they are due to be archived
  • Automatically trigger actions based on a file appearing in a watch folder or a clip status change occurring on the server
New in Worker 6.0
CatDV Worker 6 adds a wealth of new functions making workflow automations and integrations even more flexible, powerful and easy to deploy.

  • 64 bit and Yosemite support
  • ffmpeg support for transcodes and proxy creation
  • Other systems can easily update CatDV with CatDV XML2 and .cdv import
  • Usability improvements: filtering task lists, periodically update status etc
  • Actions can be imported and exported, making deployments easier
  • Metadata can be harvested and expanded from file and folder names
  • New timed actions can be scheduled based on the time and day

CatDV Worker 6 opens a wide range of new automation possibilities. CatDV Professional Services have deployed several Worker 6 workflows based on its new capabilities, for example:

  • Storage updates CatDV when files move or are deleted
  • Metadata can be replicated between separate CatDV servers
  • Telesteam Vantage integration
  • Media Check In, and Check Out
  • Linked Metadata Fields: One field / button, sets multiple other CatDV fields
  • Powerful metadata extraction and expansion from file and path information
  • Custom Validation Rules
  • Automated, daily CatDV backups