CatDV Standard

Designed for anyone who uses a DV camcorder or digital camera, CatDV Standard Edition is the ideal low cost tool to help you keep track of all your media.

Key features of Standard Edition
  • Build up thumbnail catalogs with searchable metadata and log notes
  • Automatically split a DV movie into separate shots
  • Create and manage preview versions of your footage to use when the originals are offline
  • Present slide shows of selected stills or clips
  • Export clips to a different codec or as a web page.

CatDV Standard Edition is available for Macintosh and Windows. It provides all the core features common to the CatDV platform.

CatDV Standard Edition also offers a convenient entry point and upgrade path to the workgroup features, enhanced search capabilities, and professional video file formats supported in CatDV Professional Edition. (Catalogs are fully compatible between Mac and Windows versions of CatDV and are upwardly compatible between Standard and Professional Editions.)

Are you an existing user? If so, read why you should upgrade to CatDV Pro.