Newsletter February 2014

This CatDV newsletter focuses on integration with partner products and new functionality added to CatDV 10 since it launched … two of CatDV’s best features, as well as other exciting product announcements.

  • Integration with Partner Products: One of CatDV’s strengths has always been its ability to integrate with a wide range of hardware, software and services. There are lots of tutorials on the web site that show how these integrations work.
  • New in CatDV 10: We continually add new enhancements to CatDV between major releases
  • New web clientnearing the end of beta
  • New archive additionswe are adding products that integrate with ASG/Atempo Digitial Archive and Quantum StorNext. Sony have also developed an integration with their Optical Disk Archive.

We have also have a great new case study at Emota, and award winning advertising agency showcasing a native Red Epic Workflow with CatDV Pegasus.

Also registering a support and maintenance agreement can earn an extra month of service at no cost. Sign up now !


lightbulbIntegration and Workflow Automation

We recognise that when our customers buy CatDV, they are choosing a best of breed system and need confidence that CatDV can with the other products in their ecosystem. One of CatDV’s strengths has always been its ability to integrate with a wide range of hardware, software and services, so we introduced some CatDV tutorials to share how to configure these powerful workflows. The library is growing all the time and includes:

Take a look and let us know if we should add others !

newincatdv10New in CatDV 10

We are committed to continually improving CatDV and have implemented a number of significant changes in CatDV 10 since it was launched:

  • a new “quick import” function to import a folder without analysing the media. This provides faster ingest (also in the Worker) and supports ingest now – analyse later workflows. It also provides better DPX handling in CatDV and better supports live logging workflows
  • MD5 checksums can be calculated on ingest or as required, and checksums can be verified using CatDV
  • Moving metaclips (including P2 and RED structures) now preserves the folder structure
  • Support for Adobe Premiere CC introduced
  • Support for Avid Media Composer 10.0.5 (in CatDV Pegasus)
  • Automatic Scene Detection improvements
  • Simple audio scrubbing with left and right arrows
  • Performance improvements with large catalogs
  • Improvements to Voice Over facility
  • Support for spanned EX3 footage
  • Ability to merge metaclips
  • Buik import of .cdv files (to bring in off-line catalogs more efficiently)
  • Drag and Drop of FCP XML (and CatDV XML) into CatDV
  • Allow non media clips to have a proxy (i.e. jpgs for documents etc)
  • Label / asset information printing and layout design
  • Multiple Cache-A Library unit support
  • Disk space tool can now save and load snapshots
  • ability for the worker to update an existing asset using inbound xml (excellent for integration with third party systems etc)

New Web Client

The updated Web Client is tantalisingly close to launch and is available for download as part of our open beta programme. It’s available with server 6.9 and is an included upgrade for customers with a maintenance agreement or for CatDV web sessions purchased after IBC 2013. It contains a wealth of useful new functions …

  • webclientscreenshotplayer improvements
  • subclips
  • markers
  • simple sequences
  • upload and download
  • run server plug-ins
  • sophisticated and configurable searches

CatDV Archive Additions

We have formalised our relationship with QLSD and now sell and support their ASG Digital Archive (was Atempo Digital Archive) and Quantum StorNext integrations. New documentation for system set up and usage are included on the web site. Sony have also developed a CatDV integration for their Optical Disk Archive. Product information is here, and support information here.