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Live Capture Plus 2.2

With Live Capture Plus you can easily capture an entire DV tape to disk, either at full DV resolution or using various compressed, lower quality preview formats. And if you use CatDV you can build up a CatDV catalog as a permanent and searchable record of your tapes' contents by directly creating previews and entering log notes in a single pass. View screenshots.

Live Capture Plus Features
  • Full DV device control
  • Advanced, patent-pending capture technology
  • Automatic retry if dropped frames or tape errors are detected, ensuring frame perfect captures every time (even when capturing to a slow external drive)
  • Automatic capture of an entire tape or a programmed section between specified In and Out points
  • Automatically split the capture into a separate file for each scene if desired
  • Capture as a raw DV stream, MPEG4, or using any QuickTime codec
  • Compress clips in background while capture is in progress, automatically pausing tape if necessary
  • Build up a thumbnail catalog and type in logging comments while a tape is playing
  • Operate as a standalone application or integrated with CatDV
  • Automatic handling of timecode resets
  • Automatic date-based grouping of clips belonging to the same subject
  • New capture architecture guarantees perfect lip synch
  • Powerful yet intuitive user interface
  • Available now for Windows XP or Vista, as well Mac OS X 10.3 and later.

Download a free trial today (captures are limited to 5 minutes in the unregistered version but otherwise it is fully functional).

New in Live Capture Plus 2.2
  • Better control of movie size and aspect ratio, with a new option for half height captures to minimise interlacing effects
  • Improvements to the handling of timecode resets
  • New option to monitor audio during capture (Mac only)
  • New option to limit duration of live stream captures
  • Include a summary of timecode resets and other problems for reference within the CatDV catalog

Live Capture Plus 2.2 costs just £59 (excl. VAT). A discount is available if you are upgrading from Live Capture Plus 1.0, or if you order Live Capture Plus at the same time as purchasing or upgrading to CatDV. (Live Capture Plus 2.2 is a free update if you already have Live Capture Plus 2.0 or later).