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Final Cut Server Migration Tool

CatDV's new Final Cut Server migration tool allows you to import assets from a Final Cut Server database into CatDV, complete with metadata.

When you launch the tool, a simple wizard interface guides you through all the necessary steps, including setting up access to the Final Cut Server database.

Depending on the number and organisation of assets in Final Cut Server, you can transfer the entire database to a single CatDV catalog or create separate catalogs for each production or Final Cut project. You can also choose to copy your FCS proxies so they are available to CatDV.

When you run the tool, one or more .cdv catalog files are written to disk, depending on which options you selected. You can then open these catalogs in a standalone copy of CatDV Pro, or bulk publish them to the CatDV Server using the Server > Publish Catalogs command.

In most cases you will probably want to get your systems integrator involved in doing the migration as they can also advise you on questions such as how best to organise your media files, configuring CatDV, and setting up automated actions using the CatDV Worker Node.

Please contact us or your systems integrator for further details, including pricing information.