CatDV Advanced Panel for Adobe© Premiere© Pro 2.1 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading CatDV Advanced Panel for Adobe© Premiere© Pro 2.1. This is designed for use with a CatDV Workgroup or Enterprise Server license. See below for details of licensing requirements.

Copyright Notices

CatDV Advanced Panel for Adobe© Premiere© Pro 2.1 is copyright Square Box Systems Ltd.

Version History

3.2.1 (22 Feb 2019)
Fix issue with navigation trees not expanding and collapsing correctly.
3.2.0 (14 Dec 2018)
Improved marker/subclip handling. (Selecting marker sets current in/out point and create subclips directly from markers tab)
Adjustable column widths.
3.1.0 (18 May 2018)
Add support for Premiere Proxy workflow. Add support for InDesign.
3.0.6 (15 Jan 2018)
Add support for Photoshop and Illustrator. Fix issue transferring metadata on Mac.
3.0.5 (15 Dec 2017)
Change layout to details above list. Update code signing certificate.
3.0.4 (9 Oct 2017)
Fix intermittent behviour of sending user fields to Premiere. Fix compatibility issue with older servers. Fix key shortcuts on Mac
3.0.3 (15 Sept 2017)
Fix styles for Select Buttons and fix issue configuring chat panels.
3.0.2 (11 Sept 2017)
Import all CatDV clip user-fields as project metadata. Add support for AfterEffects.
3.0.1 (18 Aug 2017)
Improved interface responsiveness when used in small panels. Fixed issues with advanced search and chat panel.
3.0.0 (21 Apr 2017)
All-new 'three column' user interface, based on latest 'CatDV Advanced Web UI', that keeps the nav-tree, clip list and player all visible at the same time, allowing much faster navigation between clips (no more double clicking). Also clip list is navigable using arrow keys and player supports JKL jog shortcut keys, allowing completely keyboard-driven preview of clips. Adds support for clip lists and filters. Markers are now visible on the timeline and colour-coded based on marker category.
2.1.7 (21 Nov 2016)
Update manifest for Premiere 2017 compatibility.
2.1.6 (27 Jun 2016)
Update manifest for Premiere 2015.3 compatibility.
2.1.5 (23 May 2016)
Fix issue with non-ASCII characters in paths or metadata fields failing to import correctly.
2.1.4 (18 Apr 2016)
Fix login issue when switching from workgroup server to enterprise server.
2.1.3 (29 Feb 2016)
Don't load recent clips on start-up. Fix start-up error on clean install. Speed up import process. Fix potential clash with other plugins. Fix issue displaying default panels. Improve initial log in process server type detection.
2.1.2 (8 Feb 2016)
Fix issue when loading simple search form not correctly adapting to different server versions.
2.1.1 (2 Dec 2015)
When running against Server 7 user server-side view definitions
2.1.0 (22 Sept 2015)
Support for Server 7 cross platform path mapping and metadata round tripping.
2.0.11 (28 Aug 2015)
Enable editing CatDV metadata in the plugin.
2.0.10 (23 Jun 2015)
Updated to work with CC 2015 edition.
2.0.9(19 Mar 2015)
Minor update - improves display of errors to user and other minor fixes.
2.0.8 (18 Feb 2015)
Enhanced Adobe Anywhere support so imported files immediately appear in Premiere.
2.0.7 (18 Dec 2014)
Fix install issues caused by new Extension Manager.
2.0.5 (17 Nov 2014)
Add support for importing directly into Adobe Anywhere productions.
2.0.4 (18 Nov 2014)
Updated to work with CC 2014 edition.
2.0.3 (5 Nov 2014)
Minor layout related bug fixes.
2.0.2 (15 Oct 2014)
Import now uses FCP XML so can import subclips and sequences and markers and metadata are preserved.
2.0.0 (5 Aug 2014)
Completely new HTML5 based panel for use with Adobe Creative Cloud release of Premiere.