CatDV 13.0 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading CatDV or CatDV Pegasus 13.0. This application will function in a very basic save- and export- disabled demo mode unless you enter a valid registration code. Please contact us or visit our web site to request a fully functional time-limited evaluation license or to be put in touch with your nearest reseller or systems integrator. This is a major upgrade version of CatDV and users of CatDV 12.1 or earlier may need to purchase an upgrade to use CatDV 13.0, unless you are under a current software maintenance agreement and have registered your agreement. Check the Registration tab of CatDV's Preferences to see what license you have.

Workgroup and Enterprise Server users please note that this version requires CatDV Server 7.3.1 or later.

Please see the Version History below, and "What's New In CatDV 13.0" from the application Help menu, for details of recent changes.

Removal of QuickTime

This is a 64-bit only release and does not use QuickTime.

Technical Support and Software Maintenance

When you purchase CatDV you get 30 days of basic technical support by email included free. To extend technical support beyond that you can pay for an annual technical support or software maintenance contract.

If you don't have software maintenance you can download minor (point) updates for a period of 6 months at most from when your license was issued. Your license will not be valid for the new version after a major version upgrade.

If you have software maintenance then this covers you for technical support (including investigating issues you report and applying fixes if we agree there is a fault) and all updates to the software as long your software maintenance cover is up to date. This INCLUDES major feature upgrades that may occur during your software maintenance cover.

Copyright Notices

CatDV (including CatDV Pegasus, CatDV Server, and CatDV Worker Node) is copyright Square Box Systems Ltd.

jOrtho Spell Checker is copyright i-net software GmbH.

Twelve Monkeys Image I/O library is copyright Harald Kuhr.

libavcodec and FFmpeg are copyright the FFmpeg authors.

R3D SDK is copyright RED Digital Cinema.

ARRI SDK is copyright ARRI AG.

DNG SDK is copyright Adobe Inc.

Tin Man SDK is copyright Calibrated Software Inc.

Fraunhofer FDK AAC library used under license from Fraunhofer IIS.

libcurl is copyright Daniel Stenburg.

libdpx is copyright Patrick Palmer.

libjpeg-turbo is copyright libjpeg-turbo authors.

OpenEXR is copyright Industrial Light and Magic.

ProRes decode/encode libraries used under license from Apple Inc.

libheif and libde265 are copyright Struktur AG.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

IMPORTANT: You may install and use this software only in accordance with the terms of the enclosed software license agreement(s).

What is CatDV?

CatDV is a fully cross-platform clip logging and media cataloging application, designed to enhance the productivity of video editors using their existing editing application and anyone who deals with digital media files.

For further details on how to use CatDV, please see the CatDV Reference Guide which is included with the download (in HTML format) and is also accessible via the built in Help menu, and view the online CatDV Tutorials

Please check the web site from time to time to make sure you have latest version (you can also use the web shortcuts in the CatDV Help menu for this). CatDV is updated regularly, with both bug fixes and feature enhancements, and you should normally ensure you are using the latest available version.

CatDV Editions

CatDV is provided in two versions, Professional Edition and CatDV Pegasus Client.

Professional Edition has all the features you need to work with desktop media files and integrate with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere NLE's, and can be used as a client to the optional CatDV Workgroup or Enterprise Server that stores a central database of clips that can be shared between multiple users.

Also available is Pegasus Client, which combines all the capabilities of the Professional/ Enterprise Edition client with: the MXF and Archiving options, support for high end camera formats including RED, ARRI, and EXR, integration with Avid Media Composer by importing AVB and exporting AAF files, the ability to define custom actions for automation within the desktop, and integration with the Calibrated Tin Man application for playback and transcoding of additional file formats including DNxHD and Sony RAW.

For further details please see the main CatDV web site.

There are separate downloads for each of these versions, though as they are normally updated at the same time the version numbers and release notes for all the versions are kept in step with each other.

Windows Installation


A 64-bit Java Runtime Environment is now included with the installer, so you do not need to install Java yourself.

Windows Media Foundation is included in Windows 7 and later but if you are using Windows Server you may need to install the optional Desktop Experience module from Microsoft. DirectX is included with Windows but is also available as a download from Microsoft if you need the latest version. Some features, including HEVC and full resolution H264 encoding, are only available in Windows 10 and this is recommended for most purposes.

Execute the CatDVPro13.???.exe installer to extract the CatDV executable and its library files to your Program Files directory (or other chosen location). The installer will also create shortcuts on your desktop and in your Start menu.

Mac OS X Installation


A 64-bit Java Runtime Environment is now included with the installer, so you do not need to install Java yourself.

ARRI support requires MacOS 10.12 Sierra or later. AVFoundation HEVC support requires 10.13 High Sierra or later.

Download the CatDVPro13.???.dmg file then double click to mount the disk image (where ??? is the version number you are installing). Open the CatDV Installer volume and simply drag the CatDV folder to your hard drive. We suggest you copy it to your Applications folder but you can install it anywhere you choose. Inside the CatDV folder you should see the following items:

Drag the CatDV application from the Applications folder to your dock if you want a convenient way to launch it.

Upgrading a Previous Version

CatDV doesn't install files outside its directory (apart from its preferences file in your home area, which is used by all versions of CatDV) so updating or switching between versions is easy.

On Mac OS X, after dragging the folder to your hard disk you might end up with two versions, eg.

  /Applications/CatDV 12.1
  /Applications/CatDV 13.0

Simply launch CatDV from the newer folder, then once you're satisfied it works you can delete the old version. The only thing to remember is if you dragged the application to your dock as a shortcut. If so, just remove the old icon and drag the new application to the dock instead.

Under Windows the situation is similar and you might end up with two directories, eg.

  C:\Program Files\Square Box\CatDV 12.1
  C:\Program Files\Square Box\CatDV 13.0

Again, just run CatDV.exe from the latest version and delete (or rename) the old directory when you no longer need it.

Version History

13.0.10 (20 Mar 2020)
Enable Blackmagic RAW support (requires Pegasus or Enterprise with MXF Option license). Fix an issue with JPEG images on Windows. Updated RED SDK to 7.2.1. Add Media ID column. Fix an issue when using web sockets for notifications. Fix an occasional NullPointerException when launching CatDV. Prevent any risk of duplicated fields when saving fields to the server. Fix an issue with transcoding to 'exact specified size', and when using AVFoundation. Support spanned clips when export to AAF. Better handling of metaclips where some of the files are offline. Other minor fixes.
13.0.9 (12 Mar 2020)
New server option to load latest production group settings without prompting for confirmation. Improvements and fixes related to custom catalog fields. Fix an issue importing MP3 files with album art. Fix an issue importing certain AVI files. Fixes related to importing iPhone live photos. Improved handling of PDF and Adobe Illustrator files (viewing files requires optional SbsMuPDF player to be installed). Significant fixes related to importing Avid bin files and exporting AAF files, especially when dealing with AMA-linked clips and fixing a missing timecode track issue. Implement an all-new AAF importer which works on Catalina. Fixes when importing sequences from Premiere via FCP7 XML. Add an Export Premiere XML command (as Send To Premiere doesn't work with CC 2020). Add optional Blackmagic RAW support. Add support for burnt in watermarks when exporting stills. Player performance improvements. Fix an issue with media stores on Windows not handling Mac file paths correctly. A new option to play media in the media panel when double clicking a clip. Other fixes related to JavaScript, connecting to the server, transcoding, using detached media player, exporting stills, and more.
13.0.8 (10 Jan 2020)
Support reading markers on clip items when importing sequences from Premiere. Fix an issue with multi grouping field changes not being applied straight away. Improvements to the filmstrip export (support audio files, complex media, etc.). Fix a crash playing audio only files. Fix handling of segmented MP4 files. Fix an issue archiving marked clips. Fix an issue playing proxies with multiple audio channels. Fix an in issue importing RED1 clips with a reference movie. Other minor fixes.
13.0.7 (10 Dec 2019)
Fix a permissions error when editing preferences. Fix http proxies for metaclips. JavaScript improvements. Rename the "Metadata (User)" field to "Metadata (Clip)" to clarify that it's displaying user-defined clip fields. Support RMI over HTTP when connecting to server. Fixes to MXF and AVB importers. Improve performance when importing PDF, RED and other files over a network. Fix an issue with file save dialog when transcoding a subclip. Add support for transcoding 10 channel audio files. Extra validation to prevent you creating a corrupt sequence. New option to automatically try to merge and resolve conflicting edits. Other minor fixes.
13.0.6 (7 Oct 2019)
Update Pegasus AAF exporter to 64-bit and notarize app for use with Catalina. Deprecate AAF importer (use AVB importer instead). Update the 'AVID Integration' page in the online help. Add support for importing and transcoding ProRes RAW files. Support macOS dark appearance. New preference option to prevent importing new files. New option to reverse sort order of catalogs in tree (in case name corresponds to date and time and you want most recent first). Add an 'Append (before extension)' option to Bulk Edit for when you're renaming files and need to preserve filename extension. Fix various issues related to: media store paths with trailing slash, Tin Man Avid MXF exporter, layout of collapsible details panels, custom catalog fields defaulting to first item in pick list, advanced exporter not using the "use proxy if original unavailable" option, multi autosuggest picklist fields, extracting thumbnails from certain GXF movies, server tree not listing groups in alphabetical order, adjusting playback speed in Verbatim Logger, querying for "clip is marked", and with creating chapter markers, among others.
13.0.5 (24 Aug 2019)
Add print button to Verbatim Logger (by opening an HTML page in web browser). New preferences option whether to create MXF metaclips based on UMID. Add support for viewing PDF documents if optional SbsMuPDF helper is installed. Fix an issue sending subclips via AAF. Fix full screen playback on Windows. Fix timeouts when importing and playing certain files including GXF movies. Other minor fixes.
13.0.4 (5 Aug 2019)
Fix issues importing and transcoding certain files. Fix an issue with 'passthrough' codec not working. Fix audio track selection with Tin Man player. Fix related to editing markers. Other minor fixes and improvements.
13.0.3 (24 Jun 2019)
Fix related to rotated playback of proxies. Improvements to dragging clips from one catalog to another in the tree. Fix an issue with setting the MD5 field. Fix Null Pointer errors when selecting clips with markers. Add a new marker category type of 'Any' for compatibility with the web interface. Remove legacy tape-based functionality from the documentation. Add a new Copy As HTML command to the verbatim logger. Add support for working with files with more than 8 audio channels. Fix an issue resizing player on Windows. Remember size of file chooser dialog. Fix an issue moving media files from the tree. Changes to the Group By menu.
13.0.2 (16 May 2019)
New Advanced User Interface prefs options to control wide list views. New '?' button in user-defined fields and metadata fields editors to show which clips and catalogs a field is used in on the server. Update user details editor so you can see full name and email. Various fixes related to: Bulk Publish command, importing and exporting AAF files, player performance, editing field definitions, opening files with large blocks of XMP metadata, media stores, a message about potential deadlock, closing movie when a notification arrives, and working with multi-homed servers.
13.0.1 (30 Apr 2019)
Fix an issue with media stores. Fixes related to transcoding different audio channel layouts with the "mix down" and "smart stereo" options. Fix an issue with wide list views only showing tiny thumbnails. Fixes related to playing and transcoding portrait orientation mobile phone footage. Fix import of SRT sidecar files. Add "Remove Column" command if you right click on a list view column header. The "Reveal File Location" command now selects the exact file location on Windows. Image sequence filename filter now supports regex. Fix related to display of legacy PICT images. Clarify that Server 7.3.1 or later is needed. Add options to "All Fields" tab to hide blank or non-editable fields. Other minor fixes.
13.0.0 (11 Apr 2019)
Official public release. Fix a layout issue in server admin panel. Fixes related to connecting to workgroup server. Set media date for image sequences. Add support for Tin Man Avid MXF exporter. Clarify that user-defined and metadata fields must be fully qualified in variables like ${clip[my.clip.field]} or ${catalog[custom.catalog.field]} unless legacy field identifiers are enabled
13.0rc1 (30 Mar 2019)
Release candidate. Add support for importing and viewing HEIF/HEIC images. Improvements to viewing and exporting rotated images and viewing still images in media dialog. Make Send to Premiere command respect the prefer proxy/force proxy setting. Support http JPG proxies. Other minor fixes related to: clip filters, AVB and MXF importers, internationalisation, printing, timecode on exported movies, automatic clip references not being unique.
13.0b16 (6 Mar 2019)
Add a 'Clip Title' panel to show the current clip name and an activity indicator ('eye' icon) that is highlighted if the clip has been recently accessed or modified by another user. Change 'tethered mode' so there are separate options under Server preferences whether to automatically refresh the catalog if it's edited by another user and whether to automatically publish changes to the server as soon as you make an edit. The grouping panel now uses a field chooser rather than a simple drop down to select the grouping field. Fix an issue with the burnt-in marker and burnt-in timecode options not sticking. Fix an issue when transcoding spanned RED metaclips. Various fixes and improvements to the Avid AVB bin file importer. Add a new 'Resync Catalog with Server' command to support offline/online workflows. Various fixes related to transcoding and creating subclips of image sequences, including adding support for arbitrary frame rates (by editing the 'Frame Rate' field). Improved ARRI and DNG support. Fixes to MP4 importer. Fix a 'Duplicate ID' error that could occur. Fixes related to using full screen media player on a second monitor. Changes to picklist values are propagated immediately using notifications. Add a new predefined 'History' details panel. Allow direct drag and drop move of clips from one catalog to another (preserving the clip ID). Slightly increase the size of the timecode display in the movie controller. Other fixes and improvements.
13.0b15 (4 Feb 2019)
Add support for custom catalog fields (in views/panels, and when running server queries). Add support for using and editing server media stores to be compatible with the web server, including a tool to migrate old search paths to media stores. Fixes related to transcoding image sequences. Fix radio buttons and multi checkboxes with metadata fields. Further Mojave UI fixes related to modal dialogs etc. Display notification when another user has edited the current catalog in the status line, and add support for reviewing recent messages by clicking on the status line. Change the way timestamps such as Import Date and Media Date are saved to the server so they're compatible with the web interface (old versions of the Worker and desktop incorrectly saved these as local time, so those times might display in the wrong timezone). Fix handling of rotated MP4 and MOV files. Remove support for legacy DV tape-based proxies. Improve file chooser in Update Media Location command.
13.0b14 (11 Jan 2019)
Significant fixes and improvements to the Advanced Exporter, especially related to changing the audio channel layout when exporting movies (including the ability to select which channels to use using the advanced 'audiomap' option), and adding a new 'direct transcode' option to bypass the use of segments and allow files to be created directly using AVFoundation, Media Foundation, and Tin Man. Add support for exporting a film strip image (for use with Web Client). Fix issue loading smart labels from server (related to presence of an old 'All Field' field set). Fixes related to full screen playback on Mac OS Mojave, plus other Mojave UI fixes. Fix rare intermittent crash under Mac OS. Fix display of audio waveform for certain files. Update version of FFmpeg to 4.1. Add support for reading R3D LUTs from an RMD file. Fix audio balance control in the advanced player. Fix opening of certain files in the advanced player. Add preferences option to display 60fps drop frame timecode with frames counting from ;00 to ;59. Fix issue with smart filter using 'includes one of'.
13.0b13 (12 Dec 2018)
Official beta release. Fix various UI glitches under MacOS 10.14 Mojave (relating to modal dialogs, greyed out menu bar, not being able to save log files, etc.). Merge the old FFmpeg Exporter into the Advanced Exporter and add various new advanced options (for Fraunhofer VBR, fast start movies, to set x264 preset, to use the legacy FFmpeg exporter, etc.). Add support for exporting to DNxHD Op-Atom MXF using Calibrated Tin Man exporter. Preserve aspect ratio on export. Add support for importing, playing, and transcoding ARRIRAW image sequences, including fixes related to handling of image sequences. Add support for rotated playback and transcoding of movies. Fix exporting camera angle to FCPX, and support use of marker categories called "Favorite" (and "Reject") to select portions of a clip. Support opening gigantic gigapixel resolution JPEG images by automatically downsampling them. Fixes related to linked picklists and aliases fields. Fixes related to using sever field definitions if there is no field group set up. Fixes related to smart folders and filters based on user-defined date fields, and use date picker in query dialog. Fix related to transcoding R3D files. Other fixes and improvements. Update What's New in CatDV 13 and Release Notes.
13.0a12 (22 Nov 2018)
Add support for native transcoding (using AVFoundation or Windows Media Foundation) to H.264 and HEVC/H.265 to the Advanced Exporter. Other fixes to Advanced Exporter, including better progress indication, including Passthrough exporter, and an issue with transcoding DNG image sequences. Fixes related to exporting to FCPX. Allow use of $1, $2 etc. to pick out parts of a file name in Pegasus custom actions (the same way the Worker does). Fixes to AVB importer and AAF exporter. New preference option not to pause movie playback when inserting a marker with the M key. Fixes to reading catalog names from XMLv2. Other fixes and improvements.
13.0a11 (6 Nov 2018)
Fix Adjust Timecode Command when applied to metaclips. Changes to FCPX XML exporter so it uses asset-clips. Fixes to FCPX XML importer. Fix AAF importer storing some metadata against all the clips rather than a single media file. Fix a "PMM audio mismatch" error when exporting AAF files to Avid. Fix an issue where the wrong import source could be associated with a clip after saving a .cdv file. Protect against the same file being accidentally in the same metaclip more than once. Supporting importing WAV files larger than 2GB. Fix a rare issue where old field names might continue to be shown after switching between servers. Add filtering to the All Fields tab. Minor fixes and changes to JavaScript, MPEG importer, FCP7 field mapping editor, Metaclip tree node, clip History field, and others.
13.0a10 (19 Oct 2018)
More internal changes to move away from user field indices (eg. field numbers can now include gaps if necessary). Fix issues where old field names might continue to be shown after switching between servers. Fixes related to deletion of metadata fields. If a view defines a default sort order apply it as soon as a catalog is opened, not just when changing view. Improvements to metadata extraction from certain files (including reading pixel aspect ratio, DV metadata, etc.). New preferences option to show leading zero on dates. Fix related to pass through exporter. Fix related to applying SRT subtitles. Fix propagation of values with linked hierarchy if you use keyboard navigation. Other minor fixes.
13.0a9 (9 Oct 2018)
Internal changes to make more use of field identifiers rather than user field indices (eg. in FCP7 field mapping, OMF import, summary views, in the "Metadata (User)" field, etc.). Remove obsolete FCP7 and Media100 batch export commands. Fix reading timecode from certain GoPro footage. Add commands to media panel popup menu to control slow motion playback of high frame rate movies (50fps or more). Improved compatiblity with Exposé on High Sierra. JSON tables expand to use as much space as required. Allow editing of metaclip contents, including importing files directly into a metaclip. Other fixes and improvements.
13.0a8 (25 Sep 2018)
New option to automatically import original user field definitions from the catalog when opening a .cdv catalog file. Ensure any user defined fields are always saved to the server before publishing catalogs. Bulk deleting catalogs from the Browse Database window now displays a progress bar. Support for HTTP proxies.
13.0a7 (23 Sep 2018)
Display icon for notification progress. Reconnect to notification service on opening Server Admin panel if connection was lost for any reason. Show more of catalog name in tab title if using folder names like "2018/09". Fixes to simple query panel, especially when searching on user-defined date fields. Loading detail panel and view definitions should cope better with user field indexes changing. Other minor fixes.
13.0a6 (11 Sep 2018)
Update the online (built-in) help. Prompt whether to merge or replace detail panel tabs and view definitions when manually loading xml preferences file. Notification fixes and improvements. Rename 'Status History' to 'History'. Various fixes related to Undo. Fix expired certificate for Windows installer.
13.0a5 (29 Aug 2018)
Native player fixes. Build Thumbnails will work with proxies if original file is offline, as will Reanalyse Media if the file hasn't yet been analysed. New application icons. Notification improvements.
13.0a4 (10 Aug 2018)
Fix an audio/video sync issue in the player. Selecting a clip in the Metaclip details panel should open the movie for that clip. Properly refresh the catalog if a notification arrives and "Auto-save/auto-refresh" preference option is enabled.
13.0a3 (8 Aug 2018)
Add support for server notifications to show worker progress and update clips as soon as a change occurs. Improvements to Server Admin Panel. New JSON-formatted user defined field type. New details panel tab type to show contents of a metaclip (if name is prefixed by Metaclip:). Update RED SDK to 7.0.8. JavaScript improvements. Performance improvements when working with large catalogs. Other fixes from 12.1.8.
13.0a2 (16 Jul 2018)
Include Fraunhofer AAC export codec. Fixes and improvements to "Markers" tab, including new drop down menu to configure the columns that are shown. Fixes and improvements to the Advanced exporter, including ability to specify override options like -af, -vbr. Add new Rename Media File command (that also renames metaclip and proxy) and change Move Media Files so it always takes destination directory. Add support for reading subtitle markers from an SRT sidecar file. Apply Timecode Offset can update markers and clips separately, including changing one marker category to another or adding an offset to markers of a particular type. Fix reading C300MkII folder structure. Rename "Remote ID" to "Clip ID".
13.0a1 (20 Jun 2018)
First alpha release. Includes 64-bit native player for Mac and Windows, hence removal of QuickTime playback or transcoding support. Include new "Markers" tab in Details panel. Rename Sequence player to Advanced player. Include "What's New in 13.0" section in help menu.
12.1.8 (24 Jul 2018)
Various fixes and improvements to the Advanced Exporter, including ability to override more advanced options, improvements to previewing the command line, and an issue with burnt-in text stopping when the next file starts. Various JavaScript improvements. Fix an issue with handling C300MkII folder structure. Fix an issue with localization. Rename "Remote ID" to "Clip ID", and add new calculated "Geotag" column. Fix an issue with importing preferences files and saving fields to the server. Fix an issue where there might still be delays when "Avoid checking files are online" option is selected. Avoid 
 character in Send To Premiere. Other minor fixes.
12.1.7 (30 Jun 2018)
Fix spell checker dictionary (which previously omitted plurals, past tenses, etc.). Fix "Avoid checking files are online" option (to speed up opening catalogs if files are on a slow network share). The red/green online status indicators have a new dark green "not checked yet" state, and there is a new Media > Check Online Status command to update the status. Fix path issue with Disk Space Tool on Windows. Sign disk image on Mac. Minor JavaScript fixes and improvements. Fix issue with leading zero timecode not always appearing when it should. Allow title slate when exporting Apple ProRes movie (Mac). Allow HTML formatting and URLs in calculated fields. Fixes to the native player, including speeding up opening certain files. Fix NullPointer errors when connecting to legacy server. Add .IIQ as known RAW image format. Fix an issue with PNG watermarks on Windows. Fix an issue where files could sometimes be kept open when extracting thumbnails. Fix an issue where hi-res thumbnails were always created from first frame (which is often black) rather than poster frame. Fix an issue saving smart folders to the server.
12.1.6 (26 May 2018)
Improve linking to Avid MediaFiles when importing AVB file. JavaScript improvements. Various fixes to Advanced Exporter (if frame rate isn't known, when using QuickTime intermediate decode, when exporting to VOB, behaviour of the 'Test' button, expanding clip variables, optimise use of intermediate files, etc.). New option to export a hires still as well as a proxy movie (for use with web client). Fix creating subclip of clip that spans midnight. Fix related to "hidden" checkbox. Fix updating clips using XMLv2. Fixes to sequence player (slow opening of certain files, seeking to end of clip, etc.). Add support for choosing which audio track(s) to play. Fixes to thumbnail extraction and exporting stills. Exporting XMLv2 should include custom catalog and marker fields. Other minor fixes.
12.1.5 (27 Apr 2018)
Add support for exporting audio only files and still images, automatically use an intermediate decoder if necessary, and rename Segment Exporter to Advanced Exporter. Various fixes and improvements to the sequence player, including playing audio when scrubbing backwards. Add support for linked picklists (defined in the web admin interface). Ensure only valid XML is generated by removing illegal characters such as nulls from metadata field names and values or writing them as \x00. Update spell checker dictionary. Update FFmpeg to 3.4.2. Other fixes related to: Apply Timecode Offset, Find Similar, sending proxy paths to Premiere, saving and loading field definitions to the server, evaluating javascript variable expressions, hardware acceleration if QuickTime is not installed on Windows, importing certain still image files, loading catalogs containing lots of thumbnails from the server, "scale not to exceed" frame size option, Reanalyse Media incorrectly updating import date, using Verbatim Logger on metaclips, building tree being slow, and exporting to AAF.
12.1.4 (7 Mar 2018)
Fixes to playback of certain files with new sequence player. Add support for views (defined in the web interface) specifying a sort order. Fix date chooser sometimes being replaced with a pick list. New preferences option to fetch all thumbnails by default when performing a server query. Fix related to event marker summary view. Fix related to "combine duplicates" import option. Fix handling of DV AVI files, and of long MOV/MP4 files. Add support for cleaning up duplicate field definitions on the server. Several fixes related to importing complex FCPX XML files. Improvements to editing sequences with multiple tracks (next/previous interesting time takes into account enabled tracks, shift click a track to "solo" it, option to display tool tip text in the timeline). Other minor fixes.
12.1.3 (20 Feb 2018)
Change default media playback rules to prefer new sequence player over QuickTime. Add new FFmpeg importer so we can read MP3 files etc. without QuickTime. Change the segment-based exporter so it's a new top level exporter rather than an option off the FFmpeg exporter. Add support for exporting Apple ProRes files, including 4444 XQ, to the segment exporter (Mac only). Add support for transcoding with NVIDIA hardware acceleration to the FFmpeg exporter (Windows only). Add a new GPS tool to find clips within the current catalog based on their distance from the selected clip(s). Fix an issue with sequence editor timeline thumbnails. Fix issue where native player might pause briefly every few seconds and where audio could get out of sync. Fix links to other clips and catalogs in an HTML field. Add support for playing growing movie files. Other fixes and improvements (related to JavaScript, importing MXF files, toggling to full screen, aliased field identifiers, custom catalog fields, metadata extraction rules, etc.)
12.1.2 (24 Jan 2018)
Better control over whether to play hi-res files on slow storage (with prefer original/prefer proxy/force proxy playback preferences, and a new LTFS Volume setting that displays warning before accessing files from there). Add support for custom marker fields. Add support for saving and loading user defined fields and metadata to server using new metadata API. Allow ${catalog[xxx]}, ${importSource[xxx]} etc. to access custom catalog fields, import source metadata, etc. Update RED SDK. Fix -2010 error when transcoding certain RED footage. Allow JPEG proxies for non-media files. Read metadata from Panasonic RW2 files. Fix segmented exporter FFmpeg issue on Windows, and fix aspect ratio of exported files.
12.1.1 (10 Jan 2018)
Improvements to the new segment based exporter, including a new 'mix down' audio option and support for image sequences. New 'pass through' FFmpeg exporter to export selected subclips and sequences without re-encoding the video. Update MPEG parser to correctly analyse H.265 and program stream files and better report stream statistics in the Tracks field. Other fixes related to running on OS X 10.10, copy and pasting clips to another catalog, Send To Premiere, creating empty catalogs using the tree, importing AVB files, and more.
12.1.0 (4 Dec 2017)
Official 12.1 release. Update version of FFmpeg to 3.4, giving access to H.265. Prefer new ffmpeg sequence player by default but fall back to old QuickTime player if necessary. Various fixes to new segment based exporter, including ability to customise position and colour of title slates. Javascript enhancements. Change Media Folder so it isn't a drop down field.
12.1rc4 (28 Nov 2017)
Improved playback of .ts and P2 files. Fixes to Pegasus custom actions. Javascript fixes and improvements. Improvements to new FFmpeg segment exporter when burning in markers, including better support for transcoding sequences and metaclips and different audio channel configurations. Fix aspect ratio of burnt in watermarks. Exported AAF files now include user fields. Read IPTC metadata from JPEG files. Read Windows metadata from .mov and .mp4 files. Fix out by one frame issue when seeking in some NTSC files. Support transcoding of more complex sequences. Fix issue with RED metaclips.
12.1rc3 (14 Nov 2017)
Enhance the FFmpeg exporter to allow time varying text (markers and subtitles) to be burnt in, and the exported movie to be prefixed with a title slate. The sequence editor now supports editing markers on the sequence, and adding a clip to a sequence now copies markers to the sequence. Improve the 'match frame' command so it finds corresponding frame both from the sequence window to the source window and vice versa. Add support for sending to Premiere Pro CC 2018. Fix RED playback issues with certain files. Read DJI drone camera metadata and GoPro record date. Fix related to the Undo command sometimes not working. Other fixes and improvements.
12.1rc2 (20 Oct 2017)
Update version of RED SDK and support more than 2 audio channels. Improvements to AVB importer, and a new preferences option whether to import extra clips. Fix short duration error when exporting certain clips to AAF, and a new option whether to export original path (as known by Avid) or current path (after path mapping). FCP7 field mappings now allow you to export read only fields.
12.1rc1 (11 Oct 2017)
Fixes to AAF export. Fix related to AVB importer. Fix exporting sequences to FCPX. Change Rebuild Thumbnail command so it sets new poster if midpoint option is set. Changes to JavaScript support. Media metadata field editor shows which fields are editable. Fix Attach Media command when it's applied to a single clip. Fix related to Update Media Location. Fix related to showing continuous thumbnails in the sequence editor timeline. Improvements to marker dialog to support creating marker of specific category with an external macro key input device. Fix related to drag and drop in list view. New preferences option to zoom thumbnails in the details panel to maximum size. New popup menu command to show the containing database when viewing query results.
12.1b11 (6 Sept 2017)
AVB import fix relating to subclips of AMA-linked XAVC files. Fix issue with sequence player on Windows. Fix problem launching app on some Windows systems.
12.1b10 (3 Sept 2017)
Fixes related to sequence editing (overwrite and eliminate buttons). FFmpeg exporter sets title metadata field. Logon dialog defaults to first group if last group isn't known. Fix an issue with subclips of a clip that spans midnight. Fix related to importing RED files. Fixes to AVB import and AAF export. Fix related to importing certain MXF files if header doesn't specify duration. Fix related to importing certain MPEG transport stream files. Javascript changes (readFile, httpRequest, saveMarker, executeWithStatus) and additions (ability to import files, perform queries, set poster, create sequences, etc.). Query dialog now has a Count button to preview how many clips would be returned. Add support for importing fragmented QuickTime movies. Pegasus custom actions can create mezzanine movies. Updated ffmpeg sequence player including NVidia and VideoToolbox GPU support.
12.1b9 (26 July 2017)
Fixes to AAF export. JavaScript changes. Fixes relating to browse only client. User-defined date fields are now available for grouping. Allow user role to give access to a specific workspace. Fix rebuilding thumbnails for non media files. XMLv2 can specify user fields by identifier rather than index.
12.1b8 (18 July 2017)
Creating user defined fields now lets you edit the identifier. Improvements to the AVB importer. Improvements to Attach Media command when used on non-media files. Improvements to bulk saving catalogs from the Browse Database window. JavaScript fixes. Improved keyboard navigation in file chooser dialog and in the file system tree navigator. Ability to run JavaScript from Pegasus custom actions. New option to hide anonymous group from server tree. Other fixes related to subclips of metaclips, transcoding media with FFmpeg, expanding variables in custom actions, importing iPhone 7 live photos, importing Cinedeck MXF files, setting clip ratings via XMLv2, and elsewhere.
12.1b7 (21 June 2017)
Shorten name of install folder on Mac to 12.1. AAF fixes. Building thumbnails will work with proxies if original file is offline. Javascript changes. Importing XMLv2 doesn't analyse media by default.
12.1b6 (15 June 2017)
Improvements to AVB importer. Add support for custom catalog fields. Updated AAF exporter. Fix full screen playback on Mac. Better handling of initialisation errors when starting native player.
12.1b5 (1 June 2017)
Add support for custom catalog fields. Fix conflicting edit error that could occur when editing metadata fields. Fix XMP metadata truncation issue. Fix issue with sequence editor. Fixes to AVB importer. Fixes relating to exporting audio slideshow. Fix issue with server tree collapsing in certain situations. Improvements to the Preferences "highlight settings that differ from their default values" option. Fix editing order of picklist values. Improvements to XML import. Fixes to AAF import. Improved JavaScript support.
12.1b4 (9 May 2017)
Add filter to user-defined field editor. New 'select buttons' user-defined field type. Sequence editor automatically generates continuous intermediate thumbnails by default. Fix reading markers from certain WAV files. Add support for private or shared clip lists. Other fixes.
12.1b3 (21 Apr 2017)
Add support for Pegasus chat channels. Enhancements to sequence editor, including ability to enable or disable specific tracks when editing the sequence as a whole. New option for widescreen thumbnails. Fix issue with 'exit on close' option. Fix reverse playback and issue with audio in separate file when using FFmpeg player. Other minor fixes and improvements.
12.1b2 (15 Apr 2017)
Add support for transcoding a sequence containing images using FFmpeg. Add an option to the Export As Movie command to reimport the resulting file and copy metadata from the original clip (providing an easy way to create mezzanine clips that link back to the original clip). Add a calendar chooser widget for user defined date fields. Tweak grid and film strip views to reduce cell spacing (and instead use a darker background to distinguish cells). New "three column" window layout available from the View menu. New view option to turn off the toolbar. Improvements to R3D importer to extract more metadata (including pixel aspect ratio, recorded frame rate, and RedCode compression). Add preference dialog icons. Improved support for XAVC-S folder structure. Fix related to mandatory fields. Update the "What's New in 12.1" help page.
12.1b1 (16 Mar 2017)
Update bundled version of FFmpeg to 3.2. Update bundled version of Java to 1.8, including improved javascript support (eg. variable expressions like "js:media['FNumber']"). Preferences dialog includes search capability. Include new Tin Man player (requires Pegasus license and Calibrated "Tin Man" application). Fix issues when playing image sequences with the sequence player. Fix 'J' key to play movie backwards when using FFmpeg player. FFmpeg exporter has advanced option to force intermediate transcode. Extended 'smart stereo' option in FFmpeg exporter to automatically convert two mono tracks to a stereo track.
12.0.3 (4 March 2017)
Automatically load user fields from workgroup server if using server 7 field definitions. Add option to query dialog to turn off query limit and show all clips, fix smart folders so you can right click and choose 'view all', and by default viewing a catalog via the tree will load all the clips (so you can rearrange the order of clips). Fix to the Windows file chooser. Ability to create range marker that spans entire clip. You can now configure which server fields the 'quick search' field in the toolbar will query. Fixes to the production blog. Fix creating audio thumbnails from certain files. Fix related to querying on media metadata fields. Remember which nodes are expanded when hiding tree, and also when rebuilding tree. Read audio and video role from FCPXML files. Add 'Close All Tabs' command and speed up closing of tabs. Fix issue with Attach Media command. Fix issue with Send To Premiere. Importing QT movie with chapter marks sets the marker category. Fix issues with burning in markers as subtitles with QT exporter. Fix HTML printing issues. Title bar shows logged in user name. Better handling of illegal characters in file name when building proxy movie. Fix scene detection on metaclips. JavaScript improvements. Calculate MD5 checksum on all files in a metaclip. Many other fixes and improvements.
12.0.2 (13 December 2016)
Fix verbatim logger if marker name is longer than 255 characters. Fix related to editing event markers. Fix merging metaclips. Stop tool tips getting in the way so much. Improved import of MPEG transport streams. Fix related to server admin panel disappearing. Custom action import directory step can do either quick import or full media analysis. Fix issue with not being able to enter standard edition license code. Improved support for transcoding Avid metaclips. Fixes to new sequence player. Fix a playback issue on certain Windows graphics cards. Other playback and transcoding fixes. Create an FCPX keyword collection when you export to fcpxml if you add markers of category "Keyword"; you can also create a marker category called "Rating" and give it values like "favorite" or "reject" (or "no" or "false" or "0" as synonyms) to map to an FCPX rating. Add support for FCPX chapter markers. Allow XMLv2 as a sidecar file. Add an advanced UI preferences option to reenable the 'i' details button in grid views (also activated by using Ctrl/Alt key). Create better quality thumbnails from PNG files. Change 'Import Preferences' command so you can add or merge user fields and picklists to the list on the server. Improved smoothing and interpolation when handling noisy images. Export As Still has new option to export current playhead frame. Improved error recovery with FFmpeg exporter. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0.1 (11 November 2016)
Fix an issue with drag and drop on Windows. Copy Media Files gives you option whether to preserve relative folder structure or not, the same way Move Media Files does. Other minor fixes.
12.0.0 (8 November 2016)
Official release of CatDV 12.0. The "MPEG Profile" field reports H264 profile level. Improved support for two monitors, including new media playback option for Cmd/Ctrl-P to play full screen on second monitor. The FFmpeg exporter has an option to automatically create .jpg proxies instead of a movie if applied to a still image. Add support for Send To Premiere CC 2017. Other minor fixes.
12.0rc1 (31 October 2016)
Release candidate of CatDV 12.0. The "Move Media Files" command prompts whether to move the corresponding proxies and whether to preserve relative file paths. Pegasus custom actions can be configured to appear as toolbar buttons. Updated the "What's New in CatDV 12" help page. New audio slideshow command (Pegasus only). Fixes to layout of the details panel, including automatically switching to three columns if the display is very wide, and checkboxes and radio buttons now wrap onto additional lines if they don't fit. Various other fixes (MD5 checksum command, quick filter, hi-res tree icons, etc.)
12.0b15 (21 October 2016)
Improvements to variable expressions (new test function like in the worker, ability to use js: instead of javascript:, use REST API syntax like, media['FNumber'] etc.). New sequence player for FFmpeg and RED files (enabled via Media Playback preferences or NEWSEQ in playback rules). Sequence editor timeline now shows markers. Improve handling of illegal input in formatted fields. Fixes to server plugin API. Improved display of audio waveforms. Partial h265 support. Main window supports full screen mode on the Mac. Don't lose focus when Ctrl/Alt dragging over media panel. Option to use alternate font that helps when displaying Thai text on the Mac. Add support for Sony XAVC-S and Canon XF-AVC metaclips. Fix server queries on multi grouping fields containing commas. Fix details panel layout issue where fields could get cut off. Fixes to editing definition of user fields. Fix related to edit smart folders. Import Directory command has option whether to do quick folder import or full analysis. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0b14 (22 September 2016)
Public beta release. Support automatic extraction of filename metadata via a rules file (Pegasus only). Allow the duration of a still image to be changed once it's been added to a sequence. Allow an FCPX Keywords field to be configured in Preferences (ideally of type multi-picklist) and map that to and from Final Cut keywords that span the whole clip. Display audio waveform when playing audio only files (and hold down Ctrl key to scrub within file). Tidy up default workspaces to include simple query field. Change filtering terminology to make it more consistent with web interface (change "Refine View" to "Filter", "Automatic Grouping" to "Automatic Filtering", etc.). Change Cmd-P to toggle playback. Built in archiving command should remember the current tape name. Fix an issue where user defined fields might disappear from view and panel definitions. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0b13 (7 September 2016)
Improved import and export of complex clips and sequences to FCPX via XML, including warning if a file is not supported in FCPX. Tree navigator shows events under each FCPX library. Improvements to the metadata field editor (fields can be filtered by name, new fields can be defined, improved online help, etc.). Other fixes and improvements, including: simple query dialog supports hierarchy fields, timecode track when exporting QuickTime reference movies, new ImportErrors metadata field, new command to Close Unused Tabs under View menu, new Quick Search command under Server menu, new Preference option whether dragging clips onto a tree node to set that value should select the new node or not, the Events tree node groups events into folders if the name contains a '/' character. Don't lose current clip selection when refreshing catalog and when importing clips.
12.0a12 (19 August 2016)
Support for new server 7 metadata schema, including ability to perform queries on arbitrary media metadata fields and preference option whether to use the new or legacy representation. Metadata fields can now support arbitrary field types (radio buttons, linked fields, etc.), can have a different display label from their identifier name, and be individually controlled whether they are editable or not. Changes to the field definitions editor in preferences to make it more consistent between editing user defined fields and metadata fields. New validated field types. Support for v3 of server plugin API. Rename "Other" tab to "All Fields". Fix the "combine duplicates" import option. Fix related to playing certain AVCHD files. Fix related to rotated stills. Fix display of production blog. Don't update selected clip when importing a large number of files. Rename "Clip ID" field to "Clip Ref" (for consistency with XML and CREF field identifier), and rename "QT Tracks" to "Tracks". Fixes related to importing certain MPEG transport stream files. Logging off server prompts you to save changes. New "JPEG Format" metadata field. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0a11 (6 July 2016)
Fix an issue with the tree sometimes collapsing. Fix FFMpeg transcoding with burnt in timecode with non-standard timecode formats. Fix an issue with FCPXML export. Fix playback of certain .mts files. Read iXML metadata from Broadcast WAV files. Read ColorMode for JPEG images. Improvements to the handling of non media files, including ability to launch documents in an external viewer app from the media panel and configure which file extensions to open. Fix an issue with verbatim logger transcripts being truncated. Add "Send To Premiere CC 2015.3" option. New full screen button in media panel. New coloured columns to show whether original file and/or proxy is online. Improved handling of non standard timecode formats. Report whether a QuickTime MOV includes edits. Other fixes including improved error reporting.
12.0a10 (12 June 2016)
Improvements to the workspace editor. Fix an issue to allow default grouping to be specified when opening new tabs and windows. Add support for transcoding sequences containing multiple video tracks (the highest video track with content obscures lower ones) in both QuickTime and FFmpeg exporters. Fixes and improvements to the sequence editor. Make track ordering consistent when importing and exporting FCPX XML files. Fixes related to printing the current view. Create waveform thumbnails when importing audio only files. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0a9 (2 June 2016)
Tidy up film strip and grid view layouts. Update the FFmpeg exporter to allow font size and colour of burnt in text and timecode to be specified. Improve the Print Still Images command to allow a variable expression. Allow dummy movie player to be selected in media player so that subclips can be created or sequences edited even if the movie is offline. Media panel now supports audio level meter. Change sequence editor so you click on track name to edit the tracks. Changes to workspace editor to support items appearing to left of toolbar, in drop down menu, or to right of toolbar. Option to represent metaclips as a sequence in AAF files. Read iXML metadata from WAV files. Read chapter markers from MP4 files. FFmpeg exporter now supports configuration of font size and colour of burnt in text. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0a8 (12 May 2016)
Interim build with UI changes and further fix related to MXF metaclips in AAF files.
12.0a7 (9 May 2016)
Improvements to image zooming by holding down Ctrl key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows), including use of Shift key modifier for increased zoom. Ability to scrub through a movie by holding down Ctrl or Alt key while moving mouse across media panel. Improvements to workspace editor. Fix related to importing subclips of Avid MXF metaclips via AAF. Improved behaviour of sequence editor when working with offline clips. Improvements to appearance of grid views, including updated default views (press Restore Defaults in Customise Views preferences to see these). New technical Format and File Extension / Type fields. New Advanced UI option to display high resolution "retina" quality thumbnails. Other fixes and improvements.
12.0a6 (27 Apr 2016)
Automatically detect if QuickTime is installed and fall back to using FFmpeg if it isn't available. Remove installer dependency check for QuickTime. Fixes related to focus handling between the media player, details panel, and main panel (show a blue round whichever panel has keyboard focus, allow clips to be selected using arrow keys, press space to open the movie for the current clip for playback, or '1' to '5' to set star rating). Add new commands to the media popup menu to control whether the Thumbnail, Media & Proxy tabs are shown, to switch between advanced and simple movie playback controls, and to open still images. The memory status display in the status line is turned off by default. Don't show a movie icon for PDF documents. Fixes related to importing FCPXML files for complex sequences and avoiding an error when exporting certain fcpxml 1.4 files. Other UI fixes and improvements.
12.0a5 (18 Apr 2016)
Add support for optionally running without QuickTime (new setting in media playback preferences). Implement smart labels (user defined fields of type 'Variable Expression'). Make editing of user defined fields and pick lists in preferences consistent between enterprise and standalone versions. Update default views slightly (by removing 'Tape' and adding 'Status' field etc.). Other UI fixes.
12.0a4 (15 Apr 2016)
Include new clip type icons. New workspace editor. Allow subpanels in the clip details panel by including : in the name. Ability to force details panel fields to be read only. Tidy up film strip and list views slightly so there's more padding around text. Fix the order of details panels if they are being overridden based on logged in user's role. Other UI fixes (half pixel borders, inconsistent selection highlight colours, sort the fields in the Other table alphabetically ignoring case, etc.)
12.0a3 (7 Apr 2016)
Further UI changes to flatten appearance. Add consistent focus borders in the details panel. Fix various mouse wheel scrolling issues. Include changes from 11.1.5.
12.0a2 (20 Mar 2016)
Changes to main toolbar (separate view toolbar and new 'condensed' mode by default). Ability to show and hide media panel independently of showing clip details. Turn on Consolidate Media command and ability. Improvements to custom actions, with new processing steps to select clips and import files. Change the Export Preferences command so you can control which settings to export. Enhance FFmpeg player to play video and audio from separate files (eg. P2 and Avid clips).
12.0a1 (7 Mar 2016)
Initial build with 'flatter' user interface.
11.1.8 (21 Oct 2016)
Add a new "Movie File" field that shows the current file path if it's online taking into account any path mapping (compared with Media File, which shows the stored path which is usually where it was imported from). Added a force option to the Attach Media command. Various fixes to native player. Fix custom action export XMLv2 step. Fix issue with native helper on Windows if D3D9 isn't installed. Extend the list of fields which Browse Catalogs will search. Fix an issue with still images in a sequence. Other minor fixes.
11.1.7 (22 Jul 2016)
Fix an issue with the tree sometimes collapsing. Fix FFMpeg transcoding with burnt in timecode with non-standard timecode formats. Fix an issue with FCPXML export. Fix playback of certain .mts files. Read iXML metadata from Broadcast WAV files. Other fixes including improved error reporting. Allow Premiere CC 2015.3 to be selected in preferences for the Send To Premiere command. Fix playback of certain mts and mp4 files. Fix FFmpeg export of files with no audio tracks. Other minor fixes.
11.1.6 (18 May 2016)
Make use of QuickTime optional (automatically detect if QuickTime is installed and fall back to using FFmpeg if it isn't available, remove installer dependency check for QuickTime, new Media Playback option to manually turn QuickTime off if required). Fix a "bad player 'I'" error when viewing stills with the force proxy option set. FFmpeg native player fixes, including new ability to play audio (single channel only) when playing P2 and Avid metaclips. Fix an issue reading XMP metadata. Other fixes.
11.1.5 (31 Mar 2016)
Fix an issue with timecode of certain spanned metaclips. Improved analysis of audio format for AVCHD and MP4 files, including new "audio bit rate" metadata field, and other improvements when analysing MPEG files. New option to verify all file copies by reading back the file afterwards. FFmpeg exporter has new option to preserve all the audio tracks. Read WAV file cue points as timecode markers. Server admin panel now lists field set in use by each group. Improvements related to reanalysing metaclips. Improvements when scrubbing using FFmpeg player. Allow drag and drop of multiple catalogs and folders to reorganise catalogs in server tree. Improve the display of Final Cut Pro X libraries. Fix an issue with the Undo command. Fix intermittent issue where tree scrollbar keeps jumping back. Fixes to verbatim logger. Allow filtering on derived fields like video frame and audio bit rate. Other fixes and improvements.
11.1.4 (12 Feb 2016)
Add support for controlling which audio track is played when using the FFmpeg player. Improved playback performance. New options in Advanced Media Handling to turn off audio (for use on servers with no audio hardware) and control GPU acceleration on Windows. When opening media player dialog it remembers which player you had selected. Fix an issue with automatic scene detection. Fix an issue when sending spanned XDCAM clips to Premiere. Improved handling of user-defined date fields in list views and when using the Bulk Edit command. Update version of FFmpeg to 2.8.3. Fix related to updating thumbnails using XML v2 files. Field chooser stays open while you add fields to a view definition. Pegasus custom actions have option whether to update the media path or not when copying files. Fix full screen player on Windows. Make the clip details panel adaptive to width and automatically show one or two columns as appropriate.
11.1.3 (12 Jan 2016)
Better QuickTime movie metadata extraction (detect reference movies and list the first file they refer to in a new References field, new MediaHandler and DataHandler fields, fix an issue reading timecode from certain movies). Better MPEG4/H.264 metadata extraction (new X264Encoder field, report the MPEG Profile level). Fix reading aspect ratio from certain movies. Fix reading duration of certain AVCHD files. Reintroduce 'Add Timecode Track' command in 64-bit version. Rename UserTags to FinderTags. When you step through thumbnails on the Thumbnails tab this sets the movie playhead. Shortcut keys '0' to '5' to set star rating now work even if details panel is not showing. Fix a "plain text" error when viewing certain TIFF files. Fix "The item is not on an edit frame boundary" when exporting clips to Final Cut Pro X. Fixes to the Export As Stills custom action. Add new Media End field. Update the FFmpeg exporter so it supports transcoding sequences and metaclips. Add option to force the bounds to be even. Fix creating subclips of a spanned metaclip. Other fixes and improvements.
11.1.2 (7 Dec 2015)
Update FCPX XML support to latest version. Include Final Cut X libraries in the Actions tree and allow clips to be dragged to a particular library. Read OS X Finder tags. Improved DPX and EXR support and update the default media player rules. By default interpret content of Final Cut and CatDV xml files when they are imported. New option to create generic clip representing the xml batch file itself. Fix issues with rendering and playing mixed format sequences. Support building proxies from RED and other unsupported files via intermediate image sequence. Fixes related to sequence editing. Fix an issue with large TIFF files. Fix an issue with duplicating custom actions. Improved support for Canon XF metaclips. Fix an issue when updating clips via XML2. Fix an error with the user admin role editor. Autosaving no longer causes the application to freeze during a save. Fix an issue when using the license server if all the clients start at the same time. Reduce delays when loading the file system tree. Improvements to refreshing of server tree. Update RED library version. Tidy up proxy presets. Other minor fixes.
11.1.1 (3 Nov 2015)
Fix issue affecting path mapping between Mac and Windows platforms. Fix burnt in text when transcoding via intermediate image sequence and escaping of invalid characters. Fix $t, $w and $r variables in Pegasus custom actions. Fix issue with native player with certain interlaced files. Fix related to exporting stills. Improve the FCP XML importer so it works with files containing more than one event or project. New keyboard shortcuts for Apply Timecode Offset and Reveal In Finder commands. Fix an issue with conflicting edits when editing media paths. Fix the refresh command when viewing query results. Make expanding nodes in the tree more responsive. Update the versions of RED and FFmpeg software. Improvements to media player selection rules. Improved EXR playback. Other minor fixes.
11.1.0 (6 Oct 2015)
Official release. Support for transcoding (and playing) sequences containing formats that QuickTime doesn't support. Improve speeding of building server tree if there are a very large number of catalogs. Fix native player and thumbnail extraction issues (especially with large files on Windows). Windows installer no longer creates a legacy 32-bit desktop shortcut. Fixes related to built-in Archive option. Improved RED and XDCAM/XAVC metadata extraction. Fix related to different behaviour when editing a single clip vs multiple clips. Fix related to orientation of exported stills.

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