CatDV 11.1 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading CatDV or CatDV Pegasus 11.1. This application will function in a very basic save- and export- disabled demo mode unless you enter a valid registration code. Please contact us or visit our web site to request a fully functional time-limited evaluation license or to be put in touch with your nearest reseller or systems integrator. This is a major upgrade version of CatDV and users of CatDV 10 or earlier need to purchase an upgrade to use CatDV 11 unless you are under a current software maintenance agreement and have registered your agreement. Check the Registration tab of CatDV's Preferences to see what license you have.

Workgroup and Enterprise Server users please note that this version is designed to work with CatDV Server 6.9 and later.

Please see the Version History below, and "What's New In CatDV 11.1" from the application Help menu, for details of recent changes.

Moving to CatDV 11

When you first use CatDV 11 after using CatDV 10 there are a couple of points to note to help you get started quickly:

Technical Support and Software Maintenance

When you purchase CatDV you get 30 days of basic technical support by email included free. To extend technical support beyond that you can pay for an annual technical support or software maintenance contract.

If you don't have software maintenance you can download minor (point) updates for a period of 6 months at most from when your license was issued. Your license will not be valid for the new version after a major version upgrade.

If you have software maintenance then this covers you for technical support (including investigating issues you report and applying fixes if we agree there is a fault) and all updates to the software as long your software maintenance cover is up to date. This INCLUDES major feature upgrades that may occur during your software maintenance cover.

Copyright Notices

CatDV (including CatDV Pegasus) is copyright Square Box Systems Ltd.

jOrtho Spell Checker is copyright i-net software GmbH.

Twelve Monkeys Image I/O library is copyright Harald Kuhr.

libavcodec and FFmpeg are copyright the FFmpeg authors.

R3D SDK is copyright RED Digital Cinema.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

IMPORTANT: You may install and use this software only in accordance with the terms of the enclosed software license agreement(s).

What is CatDV?

CatDV is a fully cross-platform clip logging and media cataloging application, designed to enhance the productivity of video editors using their existing editing application and anyone who deals with digital media files.

For further details on how to use CatDV, please see the CatDV Reference Guide which is included with the download (in HTML format) and is also accessible via the built in Help menu, and view the online CatDV Tutorials

Please check the web site from time to time to make sure you have latest version (you can also use the web shortcuts in the CatDV Help menu for this). CatDV is updated regularly, with both bug fixes and feature enhancements, and you should normally ensure you are using the latest available version.

CatDV Editions

CatDV is provided in one of three editions: Standard Edition, Professional Edition, and CatDV Pegasus. Professional Edition has many additional features over Standard Edition, such as named filters, unlimited user-defined columns, and additional file formats supported, and can also be used as a client to the optional CatDV Workgroup or Enterprise Server that stores a central database of clips that can be shared between multiple users). Also available is CatDV Pegasus, which combines all the capabilities of Professional/ Enterprise Edition with the MXF and Archiving options, integration with Avid Media Composer by importing and exporting AAF files, and the ability to define custom actions. For further details please see the main CatDV web site.

There are separate downloads for each of these versions though as they are normally updated at the same time the version numbers and release notes for all the versions are kept in step with each other.

Windows Installation


A 64-bit Java Runtime Environment is now included with the installer, so you do not need to install Java yourself unless you wish to run either the 32-bit legacy version of CatDV (see below) or CatDV Worker Node 5 on the machine. In this case you need to install a 32-bit version of Java J2SE 1.6.0 (also known as Java 6) or later from from and perform a custom installation of QuickTime choosing the legacy QuickTime for Java option.

Windows Media Foundation is included in Windows 7 and later but if you are using Windows Server you may need to install the optional Desktop Experience module from Microsoft. DirectX is included with Windows but is also available as a download from Microsoft if you need the latest version.

Execute the CatDVPro11.1.???.exe installer to extract the CatDV executable and its library files to your Program Files directory (or other chosen location). The installer will also create shortcuts on your desktop and in your Start menu.

Use of QuickTime

QuickTime is available for download from Apple are no longer providing security updates for QuickTime on Windows so if you prefer not to install QuickTime then CatDV will run without it and will use alternative built-in player technology instead. However, the following features may be limited in functionality (or missing altogether) if QuickTime is not installed:

If you do use QuickTime on Windows you should make sure the QuickTime web browser plugin is disabled as a matter of urgency (the CatDV web interface works with HTML5 video and doesn't require QuickTime). Just as you shouldn't open Word or Excel documents from an unknown source that might contain harmful macros, you should avoid downloading or streaming movies from an unknown source on the internet as these could contain malicious content such as viruses, and streaming movies in your web browser puts you at risk. As long as you only work with movie files that you create yourself, however, in the normal course of your workflow, then we don't believe there is any cause to be unduly alarmed and rush to uninstall QuickTime completely.

Mac OS X Installation


CatDV is normally provided as a self-contained fat bundle including the Java VM, though the download file size is correspondingly larger. If you prefer to install Java separately it is available from

Download the CatDVPro11.1.???.dmg file then double click to mount the disk image (where ??? is the version number you are installing). Open the CatDV Installer volume and simply drag the CatDV folder to your hard drive. We suggest you copy it to your Applications folder but you can install it anywhere you choose. Inside the CatDV folder you should see the following items:

Drag the CatDV application from the Applications folder to your dock if you want a convenient way to launch it.

32-bit Legacy Version

Normally, CatDV 11 runs in 64-bit mode. This provides improved memory management and performance when working with large data sets. However, some older QuickTime-related functions are not available to 64-bit applications. This includes the Adjust Frame Size command, DV-based scene detection, and the ability to use tape-based proxies. If you require any of these legacy features you can use a legacy 32-bit version of CatDV 11 that includes access to those features that depend on QuickTime on Java but otherwise has similar functionality to the 64-bit version.

Both regular and 32-bit versions of the launcher executable are included in the same installer and installed at the same time because they share many of the same files and this elimates the need for separate downloads. Please note that on Macintosh the legacy version requires OS X 10.9.5 or earlier and is not compatible with Yosemite. On Windows you need to install 32-bit Java and do a custom installation of QuickTime, including legacy components. Also, the shortcut installed on your desktop is for the regular 64-bit version so you will need to create your own shortcut to the 32-bit executable in the Program Files directory if you intend to use this version.

Please note that the 32-bit version will be removed in a future update, so if you depend on any of the legacy features you should consider modifying your workflow to work with the 64-bit version.

Upgrading a Previous Version

CatDV doesn't install files outside its directory (apart from its preferences file in your home area, which is used by all versions of CatDV) so updating or switching between versions is easy.

On Mac OS X, after dragging the folder to your hard disk you might end up with two versions, eg.

  /Applications/CatDV 10.1.2
  /Applications/CatDV 11.1

Simply launch CatDV from the newer folder, then once you're satisfied it works you can delete the old version. The only thing to remember is if you dragged the application to your dock as a shortcut. If so, just remove the old icon and drag the new application to the dock instead.

Under Windows the situation is similar and you might end up with two directories, eg.

  C:\Program Files\Square Box\CatDV 10.1.2
  C:\Program Files\Square Box\CatDV 11.1

Again, just run CatDV.exe from the latest version and delete (or rename) the old directory when you no longer need it.

Version History

11.1.8 (21 Oct 2016)
Add a new "Movie File" field that shows the current file path if it's online taking into account any path mapping (compared with Media File, which shows the stored path which is usually where it was imported from). Added a force option to the Attach Media command. Various fixes to native player. Fix custom action export XMLv2 step. Fix issue with native helper on Windows if D3D9 isn't installed. Extend the list of fields which Browse Catalogs will search. Fix an issue with still images in a sequence. Other minor fixes.
11.1.7 (22 Jul 2016)
Fix an issue with the tree sometimes collapsing. Fix FFMpeg transcoding with burnt in timecode with non-standard timecode formats. Fix an issue with FCPXML export. Fix playback of certain .mts files. Read iXML metadata from Broadcast WAV files. Other fixes including improved error reporting. Allow Premiere CC 2015.3 to be selected in preferences for the Send To Premiere command. Fix playback of certain mts and mp4 files. Fix FFmpeg export of files with no audio tracks. Other minor fixes.
11.1.6 (18 May 2016)
Make use of QuickTime optional (automatically detect if QuickTime is installed and fall back to using FFmpeg if it isn't available, remove installer dependency check for QuickTime, new Media Playback option to manually turn QuickTime off if required). Fix a "bad player 'I'" error when viewing stills with the force proxy option set. FFmpeg native player fixes, including new ability to play audio (single channel only) when playing P2 and Avid metaclips. Fix an issue reading XMP metadata. Other fixes.
11.1.5 (31 Mar 2016)
Fix an issue with timecode of certain spanned metaclips. Improved analysis of audio format for AVCHD and MP4 files, including new "audio bit rate" metadata field, and other improvements when analysing MPEG files. New option to verify all file copies by reading back the file afterwards. FFmpeg exporter has new option to preserve all the audio tracks. Read WAV file cue points as timecode markers. Server admin panel now lists field set in use by each group. Improvements related to reanalysing metaclips. Improvements when scrubbing using FFmpeg player. Allow drag and drop of multiple catalogs and folders to reorganise catalogs in server tree. Improve the display of Final Cut Pro X libraries. Fix an issue with the Undo command. Fix intermittent issue where tree scrollbar keeps jumping back. Fixes to verbatim logger. Allow filtering on derived fields like video frame and audio bit rate. Other fixes and improvements.
11.1.4 (12 Feb 2016)
Add support for controlling which audio track is played when using the FFmpeg player. Improved playback performance. New options in Advanced Media Handling to turn off audio (for use on servers with no audio hardware) and control GPU acceleration on Windows. When opening media player dialog it remembers which player you had selected. Fix an issue with automatic scene detection. Fix an issue when sending spanned XDCAM clips to Premiere. Improved handling of user-defined date fields in list views and when using the Bulk Edit command. Update version of FFmpeg to 2.8.3. Fix related to updating thumbnails using XML v2 files. Field chooser stays open while you add fields to a view definition. Pegasus custom actions have option whether to update the media path or not when copying files. Fix full screen player on Windows. Make the clip details panel adaptive to width and automatically show one or two columns as appropriate.
11.1.3 (12 Jan 2016)
Better QuickTime movie metadata extraction (detect reference movies and list the first file they refer to in a new References field, new MediaHandler and DataHandler fields, fix an issue reading timecode from certain movies). Better MPEG4/H.264 metadata extraction (new X264Encoder field, report the MPEG Profile level). Fix reading aspect ratio from certain movies. Fix reading duration of certain AVCHD files. Reintroduce 'Add Timecode Track' command in 64-bit version. Rename UserTags to FinderTags. When you step through thumbnails on the Thumbnails tab this sets the movie playhead. Shortcut keys '0' to '5' to set star rating now work even if details panel is not showing. Fix a "plain text" error when viewing certain TIFF files. Fix "The item is not on an edit frame boundary" when exporting clips to Final Cut Pro X. Fixes to the Export As Stills custom action. Add new Media End field. Update the FFmpeg exporter so it supports transcoding sequences and metaclips. Add option to force the bounds to be even. Fix creating subclips of a spanned metaclip. Other fixes and improvements.
11.1.2 (7 Dec 2015)
Update FCPX XML support to latest version. Include Final Cut X libraries in the Actions tree and allow clips to be dragged to a particular library. Read OS X Finder tags. Improved DPX and EXR support and update the default media player rules. By default interpret content of Final Cut and CatDV xml files when they are imported. New option to create generic clip representing the xml batch file itself. Fix issues with rendering and playing mixed format sequences. Support building proxies from RED and other unsupported files via intermediate image sequence. Fixes related to sequence editing. Fix an issue with large TIFF files. Fix an issue with duplicating custom actions. Improved support for Canon XF metaclips. Fix an issue when updating clips via XML2. Fix an error with the user admin role editor. Autosaving no longer causes the application to freeze during a save. Fix an issue when using the license server if all the clients start at the same time. Reduce delays when loading the file system tree. Improvements to refreshing of server tree. Update RED library version. Tidy up proxy presets. Other minor fixes.
11.1.1 (3 Nov 2015)
Fix issue affecting path mapping between Mac and Windows platforms. Fix burnt in text when transcoding via intermediate image sequence and escaping of invalid characters. Fix $t, $w and $r variables in Pegasus custom actions. Fix issue with native player with certain interlaced files. Fix related to exporting stills. Improve the FCP XML importer so it works with files containing more than one event or project. New keyboard shortcuts for Apply Timecode Offset and Reveal In Finder commands. Fix an issue with conflicting edits when editing media paths. Fix the refresh command when viewing query results. Make expanding nodes in the tree more responsive. Update the versions of RED and FFmpeg software. Improvements to media player selection rules. Improved EXR playback. Other minor fixes.
11.1.0 (6 Oct 2015)
Official release. Support for transcoding (and playing) sequences containing formats that QuickTime doesn't support. Improve speeding of building server tree if there are a very large number of catalogs. Fix native player and thumbnail extraction issues (especially with large files on Windows). Windows installer no longer creates a legacy 32-bit desktop shortcut. Fixes related to built-in Archive option. Improved RED and XDCAM/XAVC metadata extraction. Fix related to different behaviour when editing a single clip vs multiple clips. Fix related to orientation of exported stills.
11.1b3 (14 Sept 2015)
Fix native helper on Windows. Fix transcoding of DPX and EXR image sequences. Fix deleting of media files from query results.
11.1b2 (11 Sep 2015)
Support for transcoding from any player to any exporter (eg. from AVCHD or RED to ProRes QuickTime movie) via intermediate image sequence. Add EXR importer and playback of both DPX and EXR image sequences (Pegasus only) with new IMSEQ player in media playback options. Fix an issue that could result in red screen when playing back clips with the FFmpeg player. Fix a crash when importing clips containing emoji characters in the filename. Fixes related to specifying the destination directory when copying files from a single camera card. Improvements to the log file viewer. Support for XAVC spanned clips. Add option to enable native file chooser if required. Include "What's New in CatDV 11.1" manual page.
11.1b1 (11.0.8c) (10 Aug 2015)
Protect against inadvertently copying or moving part of a raw XDCAM, XAVC, P2, XF or AVCHD card volume (which can result in incomplete and unusable directory structures) by defining a new CameraCardID metadata field and creating camera manifest metaclips to link all the files from one card together, and creating AVCHD metaclips. This functionality can be turned off in 'Import' Preferences if necessary. Fixes to the Move/Copy/Delete Media Files commands to ensure that the directory hierarchy is preserved properly and no empty directories are left behind. Include marker description when exporting FCPX XML. Scan For New Files lets you choose which folder to scan. Upgrade version of FFmpeg to 2.7.1 and ensure exported mov and mp4 files are compatible with QuickTime. Miscellaneous fixes related to: server group admin panel, editing sequences, calculating file hashes, importing WMV files, logging off from the server, Windows media path mapping, a condition where the main window could become unstable, display of data rate, reopening windows minimised to the Finder Dock, Query Results tab sometimes losing unsaved changes, slow opening of movies and native player timeouts.
11.0.7 (24 Jun 2015)
New command in Tools menu to adjust audio channel configuration (for exporting to Final Cut and Premiere). Fixes related to automatic grouping. New preferences option to support exporting FCP XML files to Sony Vegas. New option to browse server by catalog or by media path. Fix an issue where a catalog opened from server might appear as "Query Results". Fix "failed to activate movie" message that could occur when playing audio clips. Fix an issue with creating named filters. Fix an issue where you could keep getting prompted to accept license terms. Add 'Date Imported' to Order By menu. Add 'All (Unfiltered)' option to grouping panel. Support for MPEG2 playback license. Fix burnt in text and watermarks when using FFmpeg exporter on Windows. Fix double clicking a .cdv file to open it on Mac OS. Add support for sending to Premiere CC 2015. Add support for reading XMP metadata from certain other types of file. Add right click context menu to Event Markers table. New Advanced UI option whether to place cursor at start or end of text fields. Other fixes and improvements.
11.0.6 (24 May 2015)
Fix http proxy playback. Fix sending clips with multiple audio channels to FCPX. Fix 'new' indicator that is shown in tree when a catalog is updated. Fix export newlines in verbatim logger text. Fix related to Paste Thumbnails. Fix editing sequences when the force proxy option is set. Fix related to View Marked Clips/View Selected Clips. Fix issue where movie duration could be out by a factor of two and event markers were discarded. Fix error when creating new details panel views. Fix related to custom actions and setting field values. Fix related to scene detection. Fix an issue where you had to force quit to close the application. Fix related to orientation of exported stills. Fix issue with FFmpeg player. Fix problems creating thumbnails from subclips. New import option to create placeholder clips for empty directories. Quick Folder Import creates metaclips. Fix related to server admin panel. Fix related to exporting clips to Premiere. Fix image quality of NEF and RAW files. New <Any built-in field> and <Any user field> search terms when querying CatDV Server 7. Other fixes and improvements.
11.0.5 (19 Mar 2015)
Fix handling of files with multiple audio tracks when exporting to Final Cut. Various fixes related to determining correct aspect ratio of metaclips and sending them to Premiere and Final Cut. Fix sending spanned RED clips to Premiere. Fixes related to sequence editing (mix of frame sizes, sequences containing clips from different catalogs, don't close sequence when publishing to server, etc.). Fix issue where same server catalog could be open in multiple tabs. New field chooser which supports filtering of available fields. Fix issue where verbatim logger changes might not be saved if main window is closed. Fix spurious "the catalog has been modified by null" message. Change Cmd(Ctrl)-P shortcut to start movie playing in details panel and use Cmd-Shift-P for media dialog (with preference option to revert to old behaviour). Add option to show old media panel tabs if required. File chooser has new option under tools button to control sorting. Fix issue where smart folders couldn't be removed from production group settings. Bulk Edit command can use variables and regular expressions. Remove warning about 5000 clips in a catalog (increase it to 20,000 instead). Allow clip lists to be organised into folders. Other minor fixes related to plugin API, archiving, XML v2, editing metaclip contents, workset config not being loaded from group settings, etc.
11.0.4 (9 Feb 2015)
Improved import of AVCHD files (read timecode, support for other audio types, better camera exposure display). Native player fixes (reduce delay when opening R3D files, fix problems with XDCAM files on Windows, fixes to Media Foundation player, fix errors when transcoding if the movie is already open). Fix display of proxy stills which may be distorted if in portrait orientation. Fix black image that can sometimes appear when first viewing a still image. Support for new CatDV v2 XML file format. New preferences option whether to attempt to open unrecognised file types as a media file. Option to analyse media files when importing FCP7 or FCPX XML files. Preserve Exif metadata when exporting stills. Right click on table column header in a list view to edit the columns. Fix "groupedElements" error when creating subclips. Fix a Java error when running 32-bit version under Windows. Other minor fixes.
11.0.3 (21 Dec 2014)
The Windows installer is now signed and includes an embedded 64-bit Jave JRE. Display audio waveforms in the windowed movie player (accessible via toolbar button or Cmd/Ctrl-P, then press 'A' to toggle waveform on and off). New media playback options whether to auto play movies and remember playhead position. Remove old 'good/no good' functionality by default (can be re-enabled in prefs) and use more modern star ratings instead (press '1' to '5' or '0' to set rating on an asset). Improvements to Native QT importer (eg. reading markers from AIFF and MOV files, reading DV timecode, etc.). Tidy up the Import As menu and Import preferences section and automatically use the best importer to read metadata when importing a file. New option to strip the extension when setting the clip name from the filename. Add support for playing back rotated movies. Fixes to Windows Media Foundation player. Update the version of FFmpeg/libavcodec and RED SDK used by the player. Fix audio sync when playing back certain AVCHD files. Fix reading timecode from AVI files. Fixes related to internationalisation. Custom actions allow values to be selected from pick lists. New FrameDuration metadata field for diagnosing dropped frames and variable frame rate movies. Allow Cmd/Ctrl-F to search the contents of a folder from the file system tree. Improved import of fcpxml files. Improved import of spanned RED clips. Include Japanese localisation. Other fixes and improvements.
11.0.2 (10 Nov 2014)
Re-implement scene detection (via Tools menu and on import) and audio channel selection (accessible by clicking audio icon when using QuickTime movie player) that were only available in the legacy version until now. Scene detection has has a new advanced mode that reduces false detections and implements a minimum scene length. Fix an issue creating thumbnails from certain movie files. Reduced some of the verbose messages in the error log. Windows native player fixes. Fix video playback on Mac Pro's running Yosemite. Don't display fatal error if QuickTime for Java is missing. Include experimental Windows Media Foundation player. Status line now displays file size for offline as well as online files. Fix an issue with frame stepping left not always working. Fix handling of 16-bit TIFF images. Fix orientation when importing rotated JPEG images. Other minor fixes.
11.0.1 (23 Oct 2014)
Fix native player under Windows. Fixes related to sequence editing, including new menu shortcuts to select source or program window and show which window has keyboard focus. Fix playback of http proxies. Fix list of recent server catalogs when prompted which catalog to import a file to. Other minor fixes including set In point when importing CatDV XML file, fix Import As QuickTime command, remove warning when running with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, remove option to turn off 'Slate' appearance, right clicking on media panel sometimes said it was playing proxy when it wasn't, fix Alt-Space shortcut in Verbatim Logger on Mac, reveal in tree sometimes didn't work, fixes related to Find command, smart labels, and filtering on media size or aspect ratio. Verbatim Logger has a new option to insert a timecode event marker automatically whenever you start typing new text after a few seconds delay since the previous text.
11.0.0 (25 Sept 2014)
Official public release. Add support for burning in text when exporting stills. Improvements to Pegasus custom actions. Include AVFoundation player on Mac, and ability to choose which player to use by right clicking on the media panel or the playback indicator ('Q' or 'F'). The playback indicator has a striped background to indicate when a proxy (rather than original quality) version is playing. Ability to specify initial workspace when configuring a role. Minor fixes to AAF button, scratch pad tree node, looped playback, disk speed test, and playback of certain mp4 files. Include legacy 32-bit version with regular 64-bit version rather than as separate download.
11.0rc1 (11 Sept 2014)
Release candidate. Fix an issue when closing the last tab. Improvements to the context menu when right clicking on the movie panel (fix the Set Poster command and add ability to choose which player to use). Add area to enter customer number on the Registration page of Preferences for networked and Pegasus users.
11.0b10 (4 Sept 2014)
Second public beta. Implement QuickTime movie exporter, including better control over appearance of burnt in text and timecode, support for animated watermarks, and ability to preview the overlays before the movie is rendered. Ability to define custom export actions in Pegasus. New toolbar icons. New section in preferences for configuring appearance of the tree navigator. New advanced preference option to prevent editing of preferences and workspaces for non-administrators. Ability to right click on tree navigator sections and details panel tabs to configure them. New saved server queries drop down that can be added to toolbar. Ability to create smart folders directly from the query dialog. Implement Media/File Info command so it displays brief details about format of a file. Add a '+' button to create new tabs in the main window, unless you configure it to hide the tab when there's only one tab open. Various bug fixes.
11.0b9 (7 Aug 2014)
Public beta. Remove "scratch pad" (an area for temporarily storing clips of interest) from the details panel and include it as a new tab in the main window. Include changes from 10.1.2, such as improving speed of opening large catalogs from the server and supporting timecode that wraps around at midnight. If you click on i to show clip popup panel keyboard shortcuts space to play the video, F to play full screen, and 1 to 5 to set star rating can be used. New toolbar shortcuts (export as movie, export as still, and export using selected exporter). Use Cmd-D to toggle details panel on or off or detached. Fix the View Thumbnails command. Other fixes (related to the tree, antialising, native player, WebM preset, etc.). Include 64-bit Windows application launcher.
11.0b8 (23 Jul 2014)
Major changes to tree (reorganise sections, make it configurable whether each section or node is shown or not via user interface preferences, and introduce choice of styles for tree). Prompt whether to add clips to an existing catalog when importing files into a new window. Predefined Ingest, Log, Browse, and Create workspaces including new toolbar buttons. Change query dialog so that related clips panel isn't shown unless you reveal it, and make distinction between filters and queries clearer. Hide tape library management commands by default as these are for legacy tape-based workflows. New event marker summary view that temporarily shows each marker as a separate clip to simplify highlighting search results. Show clip popup panel if you click on (i) icon in grid view. Remove 'Small Below' and 'Small Grid' default views. Add support for high resolution "retina display" Macs. Hide detached details panel when editing sequences. Ability to set clip rating from Edit menu. Ability to configure the application to be in read only mode. New online help page describing workspaces. New keyboard shortcut to toggle tree. Many other fixes and improvements.
11.0b7 (27 Jun 2014)
Add the ability to define Workspaces that quickly switch between different toolbar buttons, views and details panel layouts. Change the clip popup panel so it's shown when you press and hold the Ctrl key down. Fixes related to FFmpeg player. Other fixes.
11.0b6 (19 Jun 2014)
Remove tabs from media panel and sequence editor panel; instead, right click on panel to manage thumbnails, proxy, or view sequence clip list. Clips now remember their play head position. New prefs option whether to automatically play the clip and show advanced edit buttons or not. Improvements to when grid view clip popup panel is shown. Add native QT parser (to support importing of certain audio files etc.). Include full version of FFmpeg for transcoding and new export presets. Fix creation of thumbnails for anamorphic video files. Provide alternative 32-bit version in case access to legacy QuickTime features is required. Separate New Window and New Tab commands. Support creation of subclips from a RED metaclip. Change exported FCP X XML files to make them compatible with Autodesk Smoke. Fix Build Proxy command. Reveal Proxy Location shows where proxy would be created. New prefs option whether to show detailed memory status indicator. Allow RED playback resolution to be specified. Fix issues under Windows. Other fixes and improvements.
11.0a5 (31 May 2014)
Fully implement tabbed browsing, including close button on tabs, support for dragging clips from one tab to another, and option in User Interface tab whether to sync views across tabs. Remove temporary (red) clips and "open for editing" commands and open new tabs instead. New commands in View menu to dock and undock tabs. Display * for unsaved changes. Fix issue with browsing directory contents via file system tree. Fix display of raw images. Fixes to Export As Stills command. Print As HTML no longer splits clips across pages. Improvements to RED native player. Improved mouse wheel scrubbing through movies. Fix issue with extracting thumbnails.
11.0a4 (18 May 2014)
Early alpha support for tabbed browsing in main window - publishing to server, closing tabs etc. are not yet supported. Early alpha support for RED playback with audio. FFmpeg player has deinterlace option (controlled from advanced media preferences). AVCHD parser now determines whether file is interlaced or progressive. Print Selected Images command now supports rotation. Support for automatically playing back 120fps iPhone 5s clips in slow motion, or press the 'h' for half speed playback. Improved support for very large JPEG still images.
11.0a3 (30 Apr 2014)
Add support for creating thumbnails using native player. Fix playback on Windows. Add FFmpeg-based movie exporter. Improvements to HTML summary panel, including option whether to truncate long fields or not. Add option for mouse-over scrubbing. New clip details popup panel. Fix import of TIFF files.
11.0a2 (3 Apr 2014)
Include helper for Windows (QT and RED only currently). Fix crash with XAVC and TIFF files.
11.0a1 (21 Mar 2014)
Alpha release including NativeHelper (QT, FFMPEG and RED) for Mac.
10.1.2 (7 Aug 2014)
Cope with timecodes that span midnight. Improve performance opening large catalogs from server. Add support for Premiere CC 2014. Fix an issue with composed Unicode characters in FCP XML. Fix a ClassCastException that could occur when opening broken catalogs. Fix aspect ratio of thumbnails when importing certain files. Add support for deleting thumbnails from server (requires Server 6.9.2 or later). Allow hyperlinks when using server plugin commands. Display '*' after catalog name to indicate unsaved changes. Include mapped fields when using AAF integration. Specify character set when exporting HTML.
10.1.1 (8 May 2014)
Fix an issue related to Avid spanned clips. Fix clips imported from Premiere being flagged as subclips. Fix intermittent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error when building proxies. Fix Cmd-Down/Up so it navigates to next/previous clip. Fix issue where malformed user field names could pevent window from opening. Fix deleting of user defined fields. Honour the 'force use of proxy' option when using the protected player. When renaming a file also rename its proxy. Display a warning if you edit settings that haven't yet been saved to server. Other fixes.
10.1.0 (3 Apr 2014)
Public release.
10.1b1 (26 Mar 2014)
Improved third party integration options (support for server plugin API v2, no longer require Pegasus license to use the API, make archive status fields generally available). Updated online help documentation to describe new features. Remember clip selection after publishing catalog to the server. Label printer (Pegasus only) can now include thumbnails and images. Fix issue when exporting markers as stills. Fix an issue when exporting movies where filename contains Unicode characters. Other fixes.
10.0.9 (7 Feb 2014)
Pegasus fixes to support media linking with Media Composer 7.0.3. Fix importing of certain FCPXML files. Fix importing of certain XDCAM files. Fix the "force proxies (prefer over original)" setting so it falls back to using the original file if no proxy is available. Archiving to Cache-A shouldn't fail if it's unable to copy extended attributes. Improved Cache-A error reporting. Fix -1409 error that can occur when exporting stills. Other minor fixes related to: message wording and labelling of 'smart folder' nodes in the tree, sorting on the Source Date field, queries on 'underlying type', sending clips to Adobe Premiere, the Attach Media command, opening a catalog via the tree moving off the Server tab, details panel tabs with only one field, drag and drop, and exporting movies using DirectShow.
10.0.8 (3 Dec 2013)
Reanalyse Media preserves subclips. New 'quick import' capability to import folder (via File System tree) without performing media analysis and allow saving of 'part analysed' clips. Allow import of batch files created by worker command line utility. Quick filter ignores accents. AAF files now support Avid column headings, plus fixes to specify codec and resolution id so Avid MXF files link correctly (Pegasus only). Don't adjust media path when importing an alias. Fix merging of columns and editing of multiple clips. Preference option to calculate MD5 checksums on import and new menu command to verify checksums (or calculate them if they are missing). Minor Fixes to file chooser, Update Media Location command, Disk Space Tool, and publishing catalogs. Fix sluggishness of Verbatim Logger. Ensure clip order is preserved when saving catalogs.
10.0.8b (25 Oct 2013)
New preferences option to quickly import image sequences and folder metaclips without analysing all the files. Moving and copying the files for a metaclip preserves the folder structure. Fix import and display of transparent PNG images. Automatic scene detection improvements. Fix relating to Reanlyse Media when clip has event markers. Fix reading timecode from certain AVI files. New preferences option on General tab to use colon rather than apostrophe for 24fps timecode. Fix import of certain MP4 files. Allow user-defined date fields to store dates before 1970. Rename Timezone Adjustment command to Clock Adjustment as it also corrects camera clocks, and change the Date field to show the adjusted time. When saving smart folders to the server you can configure whether they are visible to all users or tied to a specific user. Fix related to Send To Premiere command. Files which are offline but archived now have a different icon.
10.0.7 (11 Sep 2013)
New Export preference option to support Send To Premiere CC. Fix out of memory errors when importing certain .r3d files. Fix issue with Send To Final Cut Pro X command. Exporting Final Cut XML supports Windows file paths better. File save dialog remembers last folder you were in. Fix low resolution playback of certain RAW images. Cache-A support for Unicode filenames and other fixes. Status line total duration of selected clips no longer wraps at 24 hours. Media dialog no longer flashes white when viewing stills. New option whether to display file sizes using "engineering" definition of KB. Allow audio scrubbing with left and right arrows. Performance improvements with large catalogs when pasting and reordering clips. Other fixes.
10.0.6 (15 Aug 2013)
Change the Move Media Files command so it preserves relative directory structure for P2 and RED metaclips. Change proxy search paths so by default all the intermediate paths aren't checked (if proxies no longer work as expected, either move them into the correct folder or check the new option in Media Search Path preferences to restore the old behaviour). Importing FCPX XML files displays a progress bar. Read JFIF dpi information when importing JPEG files. Change implementation of Mac file copy command if you're not preserving extended attributes. ALE export supports HD video formats, based on first clip being exported. Other fixes related to: keyboard entry of hierarchy fields, Export As Stills command, rotated movies, adding stills to a sequence,importing sidecar files, parsing .mts files, Delete Media Files command, HTML user fields, verbatim logger, sending P2 clips to FCP X, restoring from Cache-A spanned tapes, and proxies on RED clips not working.
10.0.5 (10 Jul 2013)
Fix protected player under Mac OS X. Changes to Export As Still command so it remembers settings. Fix behaviour of Enter in file chooser. Fix crash in Voice Over command on Mac OS X. Prevent editing of event markers if the field is locked. Fix icon for main window in Pegasus. Support merging of metaclips, including support for spanned EX3 clips. Improvements to the plugin API. Improvements to CatDV XML batch files to support metaclips. Fixes to Cache-A archive option (fails to copy extended attributes, and fails to write index.xml under Windows). Bulk import and export of .cdv files to and from server, including folder hierarchy. Server query now allows 'includes one of' for multi fields. New option whether to search metaclip members when performing a query. "Try to interpret contents of batch and log files" option now defaults to off. Support direct dragging in of FCP7 and CatDV .xml files. Other minor fixes related to ALE support, autopopulate picklists remembering your values, importing mts files, fetching all thumbnails from server, importing certain MXF files, setting modification time of exported files, multiple levels of linked hierarchy fields, log viewer find command, and avoiding duplicate files inside a metaclip.
10.0.4 (17 May 2013)
Official launch of new Pegasus application. Fix playback of spanned XF clips, and subclips of spanned clips. Creating a subclip of a metaclip propagates logging fields. Make certain archive messages clearer. Improvements to MXF parser, including separate file and media UMID fields. New metadata attributes appear on the details panel immediately. Paste Picklist Values command now accepts tab characters. Source Media field can now be used for grouping. Improved support for reading IPTC XMP metadata. Read Windows XP metadata. Update web links. Fix playback of spanned CF files. Pegasus supports EX clips in AAF. Fix scene detection on existing clips. Fix creation of subclips from metaclips. Allow non-media clips to have a proxy movie. Support for server plugins (requires 6.8 server). Other minor fixes.
10.0.3 (3 Apr 2013)
Fixes related to image metaclips. Exporting stills to FCP7 uses duration set in Export preferences. Look for XML sidecar files when importing other types of file, not just media files. Fix related to setting metadata on metaclips. New advanced media option whether to round duration of clips up to nearest frame or not which can resolve certain out by one frame discrepancies. Label printer uses page setup. Cache-A library support. Fix -2015 errors playing certain proxies. Improved support for multiple video tracks when editing sequences. New icons for offline metaclips and subclips of metaclips. Force proxy option now reverts to playing full res version if proxy file not found. Initial beta release of CatDV Pegasus, with support for RED metaclips and integration with Avid Media Composer by importing and export AAF files.
10.0.2 (17 Feb 2013)
Add support for multiple Cache-A library units. New Pulldown metadata field for P2 files. Allow import of XDCAM HD folders even if the hires file isn't present. Optional support for "still metaclips" to treat raw and jpeg versions of same image as a single asset. Turn on support for reading metadata from DPX files. Fixes related to: Attach Media command, Print Selected Images command, browsing file system via the tree, markers on subclips in FCP7 XML files, import metaclips from an FCP7 XML file, fix -2015 error when exporting stills, server tree not being refreshed after logging on, byte order mark on SRT files, importing QT metadata, importing XML batch files that refer to MXF clips, java error when toggling the grouping button, archive status on metaclips, file chooser, using bolt-on licenses together with license server, incorrect duration for 23.98 AVCHD files.
10.0.1 (30 Nov 2012)
Improvements to the file chooser. Improved handling of TIFF and other images, including NEF. Support for spanned Canon XF clips. Fixes related to Send To Premiere command (sometimes not working on Windows; handling of P2 metaclips; don't include bin name unless asked for). Fix related to linked hierarchy fields. Fix related to Reveal Proxy command. Log Viewer supports Cmd-F to search. Improve the Disk Space tool so you can save and load snapshots. Java 7 fixes. Fix delete file command on Mac. Improve 'import as proxy' functionality. Fix Update Media Location command on subclips. Prevent thumbnails over 64K giving error when saved to database. Reanalyse Media preserves existing thumbnails.
10.0.0 (11 Oct 2012)
Official release. Improvements to the file chooser. Add support for importing Office XML files. Sign the application to avoid OS X Gatekeeper warnings. Fixes related to FCP7 XML handling. Add support for FCPX custom metadata. Reanalyse Media now works with metaclips. Fix an error that prevented application running under OS X 10.5.8 (please note this is not an officially supported configuration and there may be other issues). Other minor fixes.
10.0rc2 (20 Sep 2012)
Improvements to new file chooser. Fixes to Send To Premiere command. Various other fixes (relating to status history, metaclips, popup menus appearing behind dialogs, FCPX XML files containing multiclips, mandatory field indicator, etc.).
10.0rc1 (5 Sep 2012)
Release candidate. New file chooser dialog when using Slate. Event markers table in HTML summary includes Out point. Fix proxy building with long directory names. Fix size of text for burnt-in timecode in proxies. L&F fixes. Exporting XML batch files includes contents of metaclips. Other minor fixes.
10.0b7 (29 Jul 2012)
Display thumbnail from Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files. Fix 'Open For Editing'. Printing improvements. Fix horizontal trackpad scrolling (Mac). Fix related to 'Browse Catalogs' search function. 'Delete Media Files' asks whether to move files to trash or delete them immediately (Mac). Fix related to 'Attach Media' command. Ensure 'Use detached details panel' option persists. Event marker table only shows play icon for range markers. Introduce two larger thumbnail sizes (though there may be performance implications if you use thumbnails bigger than 256x192). Better handling of corrupt thumbnails. Fix queries on Rating. Rearranged some preferences items. Other minor fixes.
10.0b6 (6 Jun 2012)
Cache-A archiving improvements (better user feedback, more reliable restore, ability to restore entire tape, ability to eject tapes and delete the vtape from the archive dialog, ability to use Check Archive Status command to update CatDV archive status). Improved AVID integration (importing ALE log files now links to the media, including option to search for matching MXF file in Avid MediaFiles, plus commands in the Event Markers table to copy and paste markers from Avid). Improvements to online help (ability to highlight text within the current page, plus new pages on Archiving and AVID integration). Ensure displayed timecodes don't go outside range -24 to +24 hours. Importing batch files (ALE, tab separated text, XML, etc.) no longer displays misleading metadata that relates to the batch file as if it applies to the clip. Support for using CatDV Enterprise Server 6.7 as a license server, avoiding the need for each user to have to license their copy of the application separately (note that it is still necessary to have a license each machine that CatDV is installed on as it does not use a "floating" license.) Support for using .JPG proxies for non-media files. New linked multi hierarchy field type.
10.0b5 (18 May 2012)
Public preview. Slate look and feel fixes. Add support for audio scrubbing when dragging timeline. New 'multiline' user defined fields type. New preferences option to control how many characters of a label are shown. Optionally show Filter drop down in the toolbar. Make sure 'Big Notes' field is searched by quick filter. Increase Cache-A timeout period and protect against creating folders in /Volumes. Fix aspect ratio of P2 spanned clips that are exported to FCP7 and add a new 'EncodedDimension' metadata field. Date fields always accept YYYY-MM-DD formatted dates as well as the format specified in prefs. Cursor defaults to start of multiline text fields. Other minor fixes.
10.0a4 (16 Apr 2012)
Fix FCP "magic door". Add Send To Premiere CS6 command. Add new "Slate" look and feel. Dragging a metaclip to an external app no longer drags all the files within it. Add new advanced option to control Send To FCP X command. Fix export to non-flattened QuickTime movie. Add support for NXCAM geotag data. Paste Metadata command has option to set rec date. Remove spurious \0 character when importing QuickTime metadata. Support METADATA tag when reading CatDV XML files.
10.0a3 (23 Mar 2012)
Adjust FCP7 XML file so it works with Premiere Pro CS6, fix export as flattened movie so it's a fast start movie, Unicode font fixes, fix export of fcpxml files that refer to Unicode file names, fix ALE importer to work with 23.976 fps.
10.0a2 (17 Mar 2012)
Second internal release. Fix issue with preview paths on Windows. Add support for Canon XF metaclips. Add DSJ importer and exporter (Windows). Fix new subclip dialog with multi hierarchy fields. Speed up opening preferences with lots of pick list values. Fix issue if delete clips then undo deletion then publish to server. Fix opening of movies with multibyte or accented characters in name on Windows. Fix exporting of movies with accented characters or long folder names on Mac OS X. Change order of dialog buttons under Windows to be more consistent.
10.0a1 (28 Feb 2012)
First release for internal testing. Completely rewritten Export As Movie dialog and proxy movie settings with support for different pluggable exporters. New Xuggle exporter (including ability to burn in text and timecode, support for subclips, ability to specify target bit rate, change audio sample rate, etc.). Rewritten QuickTime exporter including functionality that was previously only available in the CatDV Worker Node and better control over frame size of exported movies. Fix pink/green playback on HDV and XDCAM footage. Add Status to default automatic grouping fields. New Paste Thumbnail command. Paste Metadata command warns before overwriting fields. Dragging clips to move them from one catalog to another no longers opens the new catalog. Improvements to tab-text parser.
9.0.6 (31 Jan 2012)
Cache-A archiving dialog improvements. Fix audio only files not playing in protected player. Fix relating to burnt in text when exporting movies. Fix error that can occur when importing FCP7 XML files. Server admin panel is only available to admin users. Fix related to exporting P2 spanned clips. Minor fixes relating to Undo, reading IPTC metadata, printing, Find command, audio channel display for P2 metaclips, duration of exported 23.98 fps movies, importing tab-separated text, exporting to FCP, and Media Folder grouping node. Fix the 'match frame' command in the sequence editor. Ensure dialogs can be closed using Esc key. Fix sorting of text with accented characters.
9.0.5 (18 Dec 2011)
Update regular expression library. Fix an issue when exporting tape-based proxy movies. Minor change to Exif summary display. Speed up time to save catalogs. Fix http proxies.
9.0.4 (30 Nov 2011)
Server admin panel has separate groups & roles and user admin panels. Changes related to encrypted passwords, Cache-A library, and http proxies. Minor fix to FCP 7 XML import.
9.0.3 (16 Nov 2011)
Fix protected player under Windows. Fixes to Windows launcher. Minor change to CatDV Archiving option (changed config dialog and added new Archive Summary field). Fix extraction of thumbnails when importing AVCHD files using Xuggle. Minor fixes relating to image sequences. Fix timecode display for certain types of broadcast WAV file. Attach Media command now works with multiple clips. New preferences option whether to include reference to existing events when exporting to Final Cut Pro X. Fix preference options relating to launching non-media files in an external player. New UnixFileMode, UnixUser and UnixGroup metadata fields when importing files on Mac OS X. Various other minor fixes. (Please note that PowerPC Macintoshes are no longer supported. While never officially supported by CatDV 9, some PowerPC machines could successfully run versions up to and including 9.0.2, but we regret it is no longer possible to maintain that level of compatibility.)
9.0.2 (6 Oct 2011)
Fixes related to importing and exporting to FCP X, especially handling of multi-track sequences. Ability to right click on a field label in the details panel to customise it. Better control over whether the Rating & Type and Marked & Hidden fields are shown combined or as separate items in the details panel. Minor fixes related to: linked fields, warnings about thumbnail orientation, "null owner window" message, updating media location, pasting pick list values, resolve data references option.
9.0.1 (20 Sep 2011)
Added support for importing and exporting FCP X XML files (requires FCP 10.0.1, released today). Minor fixes relating to: Browse Catalogs command; parsing MPEG2 audio files; catalogs containing illegal file time stamps; Xuggle deinterlacing; "bad op" message when performing certain local queries. Ensure exported files always have an extension. Fix Cmd-Shift-X export shortcut. Change single star rating '*' so it displays as '-' to indicate 'no good'. Fix issue with arranging catalogs into folders in the Workgroup edition. New option to set background colour of burnt-in text and timecode when exporting movies. Improvements to editing of group settings when first setting up a new production group.
9.0.0 (9 Aug 2011)
Minimal changes since final release candidate (fix an issue with Cache-A restore under Windows; press Alt-0 to Alt-5 in the media dialog to set a star rating). See online help for full details of new features in CatDV 9.0.
9.0rc3 (1 Aug 2011)
Fix issue with archive status when copying clips from one catalog to another. Fix 'negative source clip' when importing certain FCP7 XML files. Fixes related to Xuggle playback of XDCAM metaclips and audio only files. Remove check that prevented CatDV running under Mac OS X 10.5. Fix logon dialog to list all the groups user has access to. Other minor fixes.
9.0rc2 (16 Jul 2011)
Allow write access to server now defaults to on. AtomContainer metadata field indicates whether a QuickTime movie is fast start or not (if it contains a 'moov' atom). OriginalFile metadata field shows underlying file location for symbolic links. Rename 'previews' to 'proxies'. Fix media panel so it once more remembers which tab you were on. Fix relating to proxy paths on Windows. Improvements to Cache-A restore command (dialog stays open to indicate while file is still being restored). Fix relating to spanned P2 clips.
9.0rc1 (29 June 2011)
Fix timecode handling of MXF files at 23.98 fps. Fix handling of certain MXF files with multiple source packages so the correct essence source mob is used. Support for reading EVS MXF files. Other MXF import fixes. Decode variant AVI record date format. Improvements to the "Avoid pre-loading movie in media panel" preference option. Help menu includes a command to view and save the CatDV log file. Fix relating to multi grouping values sometimes not sticking. Add a preference option to improve speed when importing large MXF and MPEG files by not scanning entire file. Order By menu now lets you select Other attributes to sort by. Fill in the Bin for metaclips. New option to add regular (non-burnt in) timecode when exporting QuickTime movies. Re-introduce missing voiceover functionality. Update the online help.
9.0b9 (6 June 2011)
Support for events (ability to group related clips by tying them to an event, including importing an event log from the CatDV Field Logger app). Add a clip rating from zero to five stars. Improvements to importing and exporting CatDV XML files. New 'Open for Editing' command in Server menu when working with temporary views. Fixes relating to roles. Fix relating to preview paths on Windows. Fix relating to moving catalogs from one production group to another via the tree. New user defined field type of 'Don't Show'. Preview movies now preserve original aspect ratio. Updated "What's New In CatDV 9.0" help page. Other minor fixes.
9.0b8 (12 May 2011)
Aditional user-defined fields types: linked hierarchy, multi checkbox and radio button (use colon to separate the name from the name of the linked field or a list of checkbox or radio button values respectively). Support for P2 spanned clips. Support for permission roles (requires server 6.6), including extensive changes to the User Admin panel. Fixes related to importing a CatDV XML batch file (in particular if the media file is offline). New "Metadata (User)" field that summarises all the user-defined fields in use. Minor fixes related to Cache-A, internationalisation, Xuggle plugin, Browse Catalogs command, and importing EX1 and P2 footage.
9.0a7 (7 Apr 2011)
Add support for additional user-defined field types: hierarchy ("controlled vocabulary" displays picklist values as a tree, with '/' as the separator), multi-hierarchy (multiple values, additional values entered by typing ';'), date, time (either time of day or timecode), number, identifier (up to 32 upper case alphanumeric characters) and checkbox (use a ':' in the field name to separate the prompt from the checkbox label). Preference tidy up, including new options to display a simplified toolbar, apply spell checker to all fields, show leading zero on timecode, and ability to list filename extensions to be imported or ignored. Press backspace or delete to remove unwanted metadata columns. Ability to import a folder from the tree as a metaclip. Internationalisation fixes. Archiving Option now uses Cache-A API to request that files be restored from tape, to check the device status, and a new Check Archive Status command to interrogate the catalog to report which tape a file is on.
9.0a6 (12 Mar 2011)
Add support for internationalisation. Add support for reading XMP and IPTC metadata commonly found in MOV, PDF, PSD, JPG and TIFF files. Support for importing SRT subtitles (use Apply Log File to add markers to existing clips, or Import As SRT File to create new clips). New button in Preferences dialog to highlight any settings which have been modified prior to resetting them to their defaults. Renamed media path fields to make them more consistent (Media Folder to Folder Name, Media Path to Media Folder, Media File to Media Path). Allow use of Shift-M to reposition start or end of a range marker. Fix an issue with occasional black thumbnails in filmstrip view. Ability to bulk delete catalogs on the server using the Browse Database command. Paste metadata command now allows copying of GPS data and clip status. Archive option has new checkbox whether to preserve file attributes or not. Plugin API now allows multiple plugins to be installed simultaneously.
9.0a5 (22 Feb 2011)
Fix an issue with dragging clips to Final Cut. Improved support for XDCAM metaclips. Support for P2 geotag information. Changed the way preferences are laid out. Shift click the 'reset' button to reset the window layout.
9.0a4 (14 Feb 2011)
Support for creating XDCAM metaclips. Ability to customise built-in field names. Transition field is now editable. Ability to create subclips when performing server queries. Allow .jpg as a preview file type. Fix an issue where MPEG parser could fail on some AVCHD files. Minor fixes to Update Media Location command, tape library management queries, and exporting FCP XML. New query operator that will search for exact matches not substrings when querying a multi field (requires server 6.5b27). Fix numeric keypad shortcuts for movie transport controls. Internal changes to support internationalisation.
9.0a3 (14 Jan 2011)
Initial alpha release from new CatDV 9 code branch, including support for using Xuggle as an alternative media library.
8.1.11 (17 Dec 2010)
Fix issues related to preview generation when burning in text. Provide jog-shuttle controls for movie playback using the numeric keypad. Minor fixes to New Subclip dialog, editing smart folders, and the Attach Media command. Ability to rename an entire folder of catalogs on the server. Update Media Location can now be used to force multiple clips to point to media at a different location. Improved display of frame rate in certain situations. Other minor fixes.

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