The following properties are required for the plugin to work: = <CatDV server hostname>
catdv.rest_api.port = <CatDV API port>
catdv.rest_api.user = <CatDV API user>
catdv.rest_api.password = <CatDV API user password>
catdv.rest_api.client_key = <generated licence key for plugin API usage>
catdv.blackpearl_archive.backup_bucket = Spectra-BlackPearl-Backup<your-blackpearl-value>

Typical values for the rest_api properties on a development machine would be:
localhost, 8080, Administrator,
** If the password is blank, do not include the password property.

The ‘backup-bucket’ property is customised to the individual BlackPearl and you
will need to get it from the web management interface:
1. Each BlackPearl has a web address for it’s management interface. For example,
The address for the BlackPearl simulator is typically
(spectra / spectra).
2. Click ‘Configuration’, then ‘Buckets’ on the menu at the top of the page
3. You should see a bucket prefixed “Spectra-BlackPearl-Backup”. Double-click
the bucket name to open the page for this bucket.
4. You can copy the full bucket name from this page.

In addition, the following optional properties can also be set:

catdv.service.api_timeout = <time_period_in_milliseconds>
Determines the timeout period after which the current connection to the
CatDV API will be assumed to have timed out and therefore be replaced
with a new connection (this is to pre-empt exceptions due to timeouts).
catdv.blackpearl_archive.days_to_display = <number_of_days>
The number of days into the past for which jobs are listed in the job queue.
Any job updated in this time period is listed. The default value is 7.
catdv.blackpearl_archive.loop_delay = <time_period_in_milliseconds>
Determines the frequency with which the archive service checks the Job
queue and attempts to run outstanding Jobs. The default value is 10000,
equivalent to 10 seconds.
catdv.blackpearl_archive.retry_interrupted_job_delay = <time_period_in_milliseconds>
Determines the time period after which to re-try an interrupted job. Note
that interrupted jobs are retried immediately <num_immediate_retries> times,
after which the delay applies until another <num_delayed_retries> attempts have
been made, at which point the Job will be abandoned. The default value is
equivalent to 1 hour.
The number of times an interrupted job is retried in immediate succession before
the time delay kicks in for subsequent retries. The default value is 5.
The number of times an interrupted job is retried at an interval determined by
the retry_interrupted_job_delay. The default value is 24.
The number of times the SpectraLogic BlackPearl interface retries a write transfer
before it assumes that a cache full condition has occurred. The default value is 5.
Determines the time period after which a Job which is in progress will be
resumed (if possible) or restarted if it has not been updated during that period.
Defaults to a value equivalent to 1 hour.