1. Copy all the jar files included in this zip to the plugin directory:
e.g. on unix systems: /usr/local/catdvServer/plugins
e.g. on Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Box\CatDV Server\plugins
*NB – if you already have catdvplugin.jar you don’t need to overwrite it.
2. Set server properties required by the plugin:
a. Open ‘Server Config’ from the control panel
b. Enter required properties into the CatDV Server tab, ‘Other’ field.
See ‘Plugin server properties’ below.
c. Enter optional properties if desired.
See ‘Plugin server properties’ below.
3. Restart the CatDV server from the control panel
4. Open the CatDV client (or log the client back in to the server)
5. Configure the parameters to access the BlackPearl:
In the client, run Tools->Manage BlackPearl Archive Service, enter
end point, access key, secret key and bucket name and click ‘save
and start’. If the values entered are valid and a connection to the
BlackPearl can be established, the archive service will start up
automatically. The service status can be monitored on the management
and job queue screens.

See ‘BlackPearl Simulator setup’ for details of how to set up a local
BlackPearl simulator for development purposes. Otherwise, you should
receive assistance from SpectraLogic to set up your BlackPearl with
a user(s) that can access the web management interface and an initial
bucket(s) as required.

See ‘BlackPearl configuration values’ for details of the parameters
that need to be set up to access the BlackPearl.

6. Ensure the CatDV BlackPearl user has List access to the BlackPearl backup bucket
a. Log in to BlackPearl Management console
b. Choose Configuration->Buckets from the drop-down menu
c. Select the BlackPearl backup bucket
d. Choose Action->Edit from the drop-down menu
e. Add CatDV BlackPearl user to ACL list if not present
f. Tick ‘List’ against CatDV BlackPearl user and click Save
*NB – The BlackPearl backup bucket is created by the BlackPearl system to store
daily backups. It typically has the prefix “Spectra-BlackPearl-Backup-“.
*NB – The CatDV BlackPearl user is the one from which the access/secret key values
were taken when configuring the parameters to access the BlackPearl (5.)
7. Verify the service setup:
In the client, run Tools->Manage BlackPearl Archive Service again. The
service status should be ‘Running (online)’. The status may be ‘Running
(offline)’ if the BlackPearl is not currently accessible.