The plugin automatically creates a panel entitled “Azure Cloud Archive” containing the
clip metadata which describes it’s Azure Cloud archive state, including:

squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.serviceType – Type of service responsible for file transfer
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.serviceName – Name of service responsible for file transfer
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.status – Archive status
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.location – Location of file in storage – Date (timestamp) of latest change in archive status
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.dateLastArchived – Date last archived
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.numArchives – The number of times the clip has been successfully archived
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.archiveKey – Identifier of file in storage
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.batchID – Identifies the batch of files with which the clip was archived
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.jobID – Identifier of current / latest archive job
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.parentJobID – n/a for Azure Cloud (related to bulk archives)
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.userId – ID of user initiating current / latest transfer
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.history – Record of all archive activity
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.accountName – Name of the Azure Cloud Storage Account
squarebox.catdv.archive.Azure.containerName – Name of container to transfer file to / from