In order to use the plugin, an Amazon AWS account is required. If you need
to set up an Amazon AWS account for testing purposes, follow the link
‘Try Amazon S3 for free’ from Then the most
straightforward way to proceed is to use an existing Amazon account.

NB – The account is only free for *limited usage for a one year period*:
“As part of the AWS Free Usage Tier, you can get started with Amazon S3 for
free. Upon sign-up, new AWS customers receive 5 GB of Amazon S3 standard
storage, 20,000 Get Requests, 2,000 Put Requests, and 15GB of data transfer
out each month for one year. You pay the rates on the pricing page for usage
over and above the free monthly limits for the first year and for any
subsequent usage.”

Once you are logged into an AWS account, will
take you to the S3 console.

In order for the plugin to backup to / restore from your AWS account, you
will need to set up a user with access keys and at least one bucket:

To set up a user:

1. Open the AWS Identity and Access Management Console
2. Follow the steps under security status to create a User AND create a
Group containing that user which has the permission AmazonS3FullAccess.

To get access keys for a user:

1. Go to
2. Click on the user name
3. Click on the ‘Security Credentials’ tab
4. Click ‘Create Access Key’
5. Either Click ‘Download Credentials’ or click ‘Show User Security Credentials’
and copy the key values.
*NB These are the access key and secret key required to configure the plugin.

To create a bucket:

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Create Bucket’
3. Enter bucket name and click ‘Create’
*NB This is the bucket name required to configure the plugin. The value for
the region can be seen in the url when viewing the bucket. This must be
a region code from the following list (default is us-east-1):

US East (N. Virginia) / US Standard: us-east-1
US West (Oregon): us-west-2
US West (N. California): us-west-1
EU (Ireland): eu-west-1
EU (Frankfurt): eu-central-1
Asia Pacific (Singapore): ap-southeast-1
Asia Pacific (Tokyo): ap-northeast-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney): ap-southeast-2
Asia Pacific (Seoul): ap-northeast-2
South America (Sao Paulo): sa-east-1

The values required to configure the service in the Amazon S3 plugin are:

region/endpoint – region code (above) OR endpoint for an S3 compatible archive
access key – access key from S3 credentials of Amazon S3 user
secret key – secret key from S3 credentials of Amazon S3 user
default bucket – name of an accessible bucket on Amazon S3 which can be used to verify the connection,
used as the default bucket the first time a user attempts to copy / move files to Amazon S3